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If you are struggling with SEO, well, then you are not alone in this. Everyone who does SEO has struggled because everything is constantly changing. Today, we will be looking at Videly review and find more about its claims.

You will agree with the fact that whenever we find a product that claims crazy results, we already considered it a scam, but this is not in the case of Videly, and here is why. 

Videly Review: Introduction

Videly is a tool that helps generate more traffic by using YouTube to deliver more views for your offers, local business, videos, or blog. Videly claims that it works without requiring spending money on advertisements.

Even an amateur can use it smoothly without requiring any prior SEO knowledge. Rather Videly claims itself as a cost-effective way to obtain top rankings and a stream of targeted visitors to your websites and videos. Videly costs $47. You can exclusively purchase it through Videly.com, where a 30-day money-back guarantee backs all purchases.

Let’s move forward in Videly review and learn more about it.

Videly Review: Features and benefits.

Videly offers the below features and benefits

  • Discovers untapped keywords buyers are using
  • Created after reverse-engineering the Google Adwords and YouTube ranking systems
  • Drives 100% free visitors from Google and YouTube
  • Works in English and any other language in any niche
  • Acquire more views, more viewers, more subscribers, more leads, and more sales
  • 100% white hat
  • Works without requiring you to know SEO, building backlinks, writing content, or paying for ads.

In other words, Videly professes to be the all-in-one traffic generation solution anyone can utilize to direct free, targeted traffic to their online properties.

How Does Videly Work?

Videly utilized YouTube’s ranking system to drive targeted traffic to your online properties.

You get keywords, create a YouTube video with those keywords in your title, description, and tags, then direct traffic to your website through your YouTube video.

When you explore certain keywords on Google, YouTube videos appear near the top – even if the YouTube videos have fewer views or are relatively new. You can exceed older, more organized websites in some niches simply by being the only video in that niche.

A well-optimized YouTube video also appears near the top of YouTube search rankings. When someone types your keyword into YouTube, they’ll see your Videly-optimized video above your competitors’ videos.

Anyone can do this independently, but Videly utilizes a proprietary system to recognize competitors’ videos, find their weak points, and direct you to beat those videos in search rankings. Videly shows you the specific combination of tags, titles, and description keywords to use to outrank competitors in that niche.

Here are the three-step process Videly practices to direct targeted traffic to your website:

  • Step 1): Find highly-profitable keywords.
  • Step 2): Generate title, description, and tags.
  • Step 3): Upload a video and paste the title, description, and tags.

Once you’ve performed that, your video does the rest of the work for you. Your video remains on YouTube, getting views and directing targeted traffic to your website.

As Videly makers explain, “the traffic potential in SEO is insane.” By making a video that remains on the front page of a high-traffic niche, you can drive huge amounts of targeted traffic to whatever you like.

The company asserts that the old-school way of driving traffic is obsolete: you are no longer required to build hundreds of thousands of high-quality backlinks and watch them daily. Rather, you create a YouTube video with the right terms, then sit back and watch traffic flow to your website.

Why YouTube?

YouTube plays a vital part in Videly’s traffic generation process. Google owns YouTube. The two platforms complement each other. Google drives traffic toward YouTube, and Google promptly indexes new YouTube videos.

Videly takes benefit of this connection to drive targeted traffic to your website through YouTube.

Videly Review: How to Use Videly?

Videly practices the same three-step process discussed above to push free traffic to your online properties. Here’s a more comprehensive overview of Videly’s process and how it works:

Step 1) Find Untapped Keywords: Videly examines all keywords targeted by your competitors, then it reveals to you the keywords your competitors are applying to get the most visitors. You can view the number of competitors in a niche, the number of monthly searches for every keyword, and how simple or hard it will be to rank those keywords.

Step 2) Autopilot SEO Optimization: With one click, Videly examines your competitors, recognizing the weak spots in their videos and then automatically exploiting them. After a few seconds, Videly gives a perfectly balanced combination of titles, descriptions, and tags. Based on Videly’s research, this combination should provide top rankings for that niche.

Step 3) Copy, Paste, and Profit: Copy and paste Videly’s recommended tags, title, and description keywords into YouTube, then upload your video. Google and YouTube will immediately index your video, and views will flood into your offer.

Overall, Videly professes to be the ultimate traffic generation method for anyone – despite their SEO experience or prior digital marketing knowledge.

Videly Pricing

Videly is priced at $47. You can purchase Videly online through Videly.com, which leads you to Clickbank to complete the sale. All purchases combine free updates for life. Videly is a cloud-based tool, so it acts on any device with an internet connection (although the developers recommend using Chrome).

All purchases come with two free bonuses, including:

Bonus #1: Private Live Training Session: You get a VIP invite to Videly’s private live training session, where you can see a real video marketing agency using Videly to dominate rankings.

Bonus #2: 5-Minute Video Creation Session: This 5-minute session guides you on creating high-converting visitors to drive traffic to your website and offers.

Videly Refund Policy

A 30-day refund policy backs Videly.

You can ask for a complete refund on Videly within 30 days of your original date of purchase. If you’re unsatisfied with Videly for any reason, or if the tool didn’t present the traffic you were expecting, you are entitled to a full refund.

Who Created Videly?

Videly was designed by a digital marketing software company named Blaster Suite, found online at BlasterSuite.com. That company offers a range of digital marketing tools and software, including Live Event Blaster, Video Marketing Blaster, and Thumbnail Blaster, among others.

Blaster Suite also does business under the name Draguescu Vlad PFA.

You can reach the company through their online form here. They usually reply in 2 hours.

Videly Review: Final Thoughts

Videly is a digital marketing tool that drives free traffic to your website through YouTube.

The software recognizes profitable niches and keywords and tells you exactly what to write in your YouTube description, title, and tags to dominate that niche and then allows the traffic flow to your video and offer.

Videly is priced at $47, and a 30-day refund policy backs all purchases. You can learn more by visiting Videly online at Videly.com. We hope that you find this Videly review useful.

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