Stencil Review 2023 : Is it an Alternative to Canva?

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The stencil is none other than Share As Image, which basically is the rebranded name of Share of image. It was a trendy brand among social media marketers and bloggers. Read this Stencil review to know better.

Stencil is a cloud-based graphic designing tool, just like Canva.

But, Stencil offers unique features that are not available in Canva. Unlike Canva, Stencil’s pricing pattern is very straightforward. In GetStencial’s Unlimited plan, you can make an infinite number of images using lots of ready-to-use icons, graphics, and pictures. However, in Canva’s free version, you will have very few icons and graphics to use.

What We will cover in This Stencil Review

  1. Stencil Features.
  2. Stencil Benefits
  3. Stencil Pricing
  4. How Stencil Works
  5. Final Thoughts

Let’s move forward and review each section one by one.

1. Stencil Features

Below are the features of Stencil.

1.1) Free Stock Photography and Illustrations

Stencil offers over 1.4 million photos to work as your social media image backgrounds and 1 million icons and other illustrations. It reduces the time you would waste finding the ideal image to go with your status update. But with Stencil, you have to explore within the app.

In case if you already have icons and other visual content you’d love to use, upload them to the Stencil platform. Adding your own image with Stencil pictures and features is a great way to reduce content creation time.

1.2) Google Fonts

The font comes in all shapes and sizes. Make sure that you choose the best one if you don’t specialize in typography. owns 2,000+ Google Fonts integrated into the platform to make this process more comfortable for you. If your brand has its font, upload these to utilize them in all of the visual content you create on Stencil.

1.3) Templates

Sometimes when we have lots of work, all we need is a helping hand. Stencil offers over 650 templates to match everyday marketing needs on social networks. You can choose the ideal template. All you have to do is to fill in the details to customize it as per your business need. Then you’re all set to post it.

1.4) Multiple Sizes

Every social networking platform varies considerably when it comes to image sizing and image sizes. Stencil owns 38 optimized dimensions, so you have the ideal image for the social media sites you want to work on, and you do not have to redo your work because you have chosen the right dimensions.

1.5) Save Images

Save your time & money by saving photos in the cloud. You can view them from anywhere and edit them anytime!

1.6) Chrome Extension

When you notice the perfect opportunity to create a social media visual, utilize the Stencil Chrome browser extension to take it to life. It provides you the chance to respond quickly to timely topics.

1.7) Preview & Share to Facebook

Stencil’s social sharing feature supports marketers especially to build campaigns efficiently.

1.8) Post to Instagram (Send Via SMS)

Design Instagram posts from your PC. Post them through your smartphone quickly.

1.9) Add to Buffer

Do you utilize Buffer to manage your social media accounts? You can add your graphic to Buffer and share it with various social networks.

 1.10) Browser Extras

 You can create a graphic instantly with browser extensions, Without logging into your Stencil account.

1.11) 1,500,000+ background photos

Stencil provides a number of royalty-free “CC0” images that you’ll understand what to do with! Stencil adds thousands of new photos every week!

1.12) 650+ Amazing Templates

Design beautiful images even quicker with our premium templates, ready to be published.

1.13) Upload & Store Multiple Logos

You can upload & store every variation of your logo or distinctive logos if you’re designing visuals for various brands.

1.14) Upload your fonts

Match your brand ideally by uploading your fonts straight to Stencil and applying them to all your visuals.

1.15) 100,000+ Quotes

Create inspiring quote images in seconds by searching through our collection of quotes right in Stencil.

2. Benefits Of Stencil App

The main advantages of Stencil are its easy-to-use features, many royalty-free photos to pick from, vast visual content manipulation options, and support for improved productivity in various channels. Here are more details:

2.1 Ease of Use

Stencil is an app that has been designed while considering the factors useful for graphic designers. It’s a good software that provides lightweight, easy, and fun ways of making remarkable visual content. The application’s comfort of use is highly excellent because it does not matter if users are intimate with an image editor or not. They would still be able to manage it effectively. It only takes seconds to create gorgeous images.

2.2 Numerous Options for Manipulating Visual Contents

Stencil presents you with a number of ways of developing and manipulating some characters of visual content. There are up to 38 presets for social posts, blog images, and ads. Also, it enables users to customize the fonts, text size, background, etc., to make the contents more shareable. There is no particular size lockout. It indicates that users can come up with as many custom sizes as they need.

2.3 Vast Selection of Free Photos

Stencil allows over 1 million public domain photos, which are all free from royalty. Each image is in extremely high resolution and ready to complement the users’ artistic process. The images can be used for any purpose, commercial or personal, without bothering about attribution. Also, the images are powered by popular teams such as Pixabay and Pexels, which assure you that they are safe to use.

2.4 Multi-Channel Support

While social media is a rich channel, being proactive in others, such as websites and blogs, is quite tricky. Stencil helps users in that regard by empowering them to get an eyeball to other channels quickly. It also supports creating regular posts and encourages them to grow their following on social media and improve their engagement. All these play a crucial role when it comes to users’ business growth.

3. Stencil Pricing

Stencil offers three unique plans for all kinds of users. Let’s get into this stencil review to know its pricing.

3.1 Free- For The Hobbyist

  • Save up to 10 images /month
  • Limited photos
  • Limited icons
  • Upload up to 50 images
  • Create up to 10 collections
  • Keep up to 10 favorites
  • 10 Instagram SMS /month

3.2  Pro- Become An image Master

  • $9/ per month if billed annually.
  • Save up to 50 images /month
  • 5,000,000+ Photos
  • 3,100,000+ Icons & Graphics
  • 1,275+ Amazing templates
  • 3,450+ Google Fonts
  • Logo / Watermarks
  • Font Uploads
  • Premium support
  • Upload up to 250 images
  • Create up to 25 collections
  • Keep up to 100 favorites
  • 25 Instagram SMS /month

3.3 Unlimited- Create All the Images You want

  • $12/ per month if billed annually.
  • All-Pro Features included
  • Save unlimited images
  • Upload unlimited images
  • Create unlimited collections
  • Keep unlimited favorites
  • 100 Instagram SMS /month

4.  How Stencil Works: Stencil Review

Let’s get into this stencil review to know how it works. Before you begin editing photos on Stencil, you first need to CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. Although the free version of Stencil has few constraints, it is enough to fulfill your needs.

Once you have created an account, you will find these options on the left-hand hand side:

  • Background
  • Icons and graphics
  • Templates
  • Quotes
  • Logos/watermarks
  • Saved images

4.1 Background, Icons, and Graphics

In this section, you have to choose the image your post will have.

You can search from the Stencil database for free stock photos or upload your own.

Once you click on the image of your choice, it will populate itself on the right-hand panel.

In Stencil, icons and graphics work the same as backgrounds. You will get a wide range of icons you can utilize for any season. For instance, you chose a textured background, and you would like to attach a few shapes and icons to make it pop. It is where you will go.

Indeed, there is a lot that you can do with the shapes and icons provided by Stencil.

4.2 Templates and Quotes

The Getstencil team moved one step ahead and made the work more comfortable for you by offering already prepared templates and a couple of quotes. You can find a quote to trigger sentiments in your audience.

The same as backgrounds and icons, whatsoever template or quote you choose from the left-hand panel will populate itself on the right-hand panel.

Therefore, we have mentioned that you can generate high-quality social media graphics within a few minutes.

4.3 Logos and Watermarks

This feature is a timesaver. Once you have added your logos and watermarks, you will never need to add them again. If you turn it on, each image you load on the right-hand side will always display the logo or watermark.

You may need to tweak the size or display section (transparency, where exactly will it lie on the image), but after that, it is done.

4.4 Create New Image

When you click on the first icon, it enables you to start forming an image from scratch. A whole new canvas to design anything. Now, you have two options, either you can now choose a template on the left-hand side or create your image.

4.5 Add Text

After creating an image, you may need to add the text. For adding it, you have to click on the add text icon; a night blue mini dashboard will pop up.

You can specify your font and also adjust the position and color. If you like it, you can design a similar copy by cloning it or deleting it if you do not like it.

4.6 Resize Canvas

Next, you can resize the graphic to accommodate where you want to post it — be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There are already predefined settings for recommended sizes for various social media platforms. If you like neither, you can set your custom sizes.

4.7 Delete and Save and Download

Well, if it is not apparent, clicking on the trash can icon will remove everything you just did.

You can keep your graphic for the web or as a future template so you never need to start it from scratch again.

You can also download your image. Please give it a name you will identify, set the format and the dimensions and eventually click on Start Download.

4.8 Preview and Share

If you want to share it instantly, just click on the Preview and Share.

You can combine as many accounts as you probably like for Twitter and Facebook (Where you are an admin).

And for Instagram, you only have to share your number to get a message sent to you to post on Instagram. You can see how the image will view on both mobile and desktop. We find the mobile view to be a timesaver as well.

Add a few descriptions and simply post straight to Facebook or Twitter, or Pinterest.

For Pinterest, make sure to define where the graphic URL should point to.

Final Thoughts

We understand the value of visual content for engagements and conversions. When it comes to social media marketing, we can’t even think about it without any visual content.

We have used various online and offline tools to create graphics for social media campaigns and blog posts. But, I prefer the Stencil App. Hope this stencil review was enough for you to clear its concept.

Why you should Choose Stencil Today.

  •  Increase Instagram following: If you’re an Instagram marketer or have an Instagram account where you like to post pictures regularly, you can utilize the Instagram SMS feature to send ready-to-publish images to your mobile or Instagram page moderator at no cost for you. Consider the fees you may need to pay for each SMS if you’re living outside of the US.
  •  Save Time:  We all love to do things on time and make simple things done. With Stencil, you can do it myself within a few minutes without hiring a designer; you will opt for it despite the prices. If you weigh time over money, then you should start using Stencil App.
  •  Save money: No hidden fees. No fees for each element. Only a monthly fee.

  •  Share directly to social networks: Once you join your Facebook account, Facebook pages, and other social accounts to your Stencil account, you just need to click few times, and you are ready to share them with your followers.

  •  Easily share your designs with others: No more need to own hosting accounts or save on to send images to your friends privately. The Stencil will generate a link you just want to share with whoever wants to see your design.

You can utilize Stencil to supplement all your graphic design requirements for blogging, social media, and internet marketing campaigns.

We would also advise you to check out Stencil App now and subscribe to one of their paid plans. Keep in mind that they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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