A Ultimate Guide on How to make money on Social Media

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Are you having a lot of Social media followers? Do you want to leverage them for earning money? Today, people are making a lot of money without selling any product or service. Even if you don’t have a number of followers right now, we will be discussing what you have to do to present yourself more appealing to marketers and brands. Do you want to know how to make money on social media? Let’s dive in.

How to make money on Social Media

Here are some of the best ways to make money on social media.

1. Choose a platform 

One of the basic yet crucial steps is to set up profiles on multiple social media networks.

Research shows that almost every social influencer works on Instagram.

In 2018, over 82% of social influencers accepted that Instagram is the number one platform. It is because 76% of influencers state that Instagram provides one of the best tools than other social platforms. As per the stat, we highly recommend Instagram as your top priority.

You can leverage Facebook and Twitter to get more followers on Instagram.

2. Know your worth

According to a study, 80% of influencers state that sponsored content is their primary income source, and it gets ranked higher than advertisements and affiliate links. You have to ensure that you get paid for your work.

Don’t fall into the trap of those brands which ask you to post content in return for free products. The money is available out there, but the concern here is to find out. Don’t settle for less; know your worth. Post worth will vary based on the number of followers you own and your engagement rates.

3. Join a network for influencers

Another great way to earn money on social media is by connecting with influencers. For instance, you share a lot of content related to yoga and holistic health on your social media profiles, and your followers are also interested in this content, which is why they follow you in the first place.

If you connect with one of these networks, it will become easier for brands to discover if they own a product or service related to your content.

If a brand needs an influencer to sell its newest yoga mat and yoga clothing, it will reach you through these networks. Even you can easily manage communication with the brands through these platforms.

It will further assist you in staying organized as opposed to practicing direct messaging through social media. Once you perceive a lot of followers, it isn’t easy to manage all of the messages in your inbox.

4. Boost your engagement rates

If you want to demonstrate yourself as more appealing, then you have to showcase how good your engagement rate is with your followers.

For boosting the engagement rate, you need to start with writing captions that drive engagement. If you truly want to engage with them, you have to like, comment, tag, view, share your content, and more importantly, respond to your followers.

Furthermore, responding to your followers’ interactions is paramount. These strategies not only enhance engagement but also contribute to building meaningful connections that can help you gain Instagram followers organically.

This can be difficult, particularly for those of you who have tens of thousands of followers. Make sure that you at least like their comment if you are unable to respond to it. You have to consider all the activities as a part of your job.

If you are interested in making a living on social media, you need to devote a specific amount of time every day to make yourself a more worthy influencer.

Engaging with your supporters will encourage them to feel a personal connection with you. When you suggest a brand to them, they will be more inclined to act on your recommendation, making your marketing campaigns more strong.

5. Find your niche

Sometimes news influencers feel fascinated to take up jobs from brands that give them money. But you have to keep in mind that these posts can affect your future.

You don’t need to connect with those brands that are against your beliefs and values.

6. Give away free products or benefits

Everyone loves to get something free. Therefore, to boost the engagement rate, giving away something is a good idea.

Once you start dealing with brands and determining what kind of content you should be publishing, you can recommend a giveaway.

Finally, the choice is theirs as they are the ones who’ll be paying you for sponsored content. But keep in mind that If you didn’t find the content valuable for the reader, you could politely turn down the offer because you don’t want to lose trustworthiness by publishing anything that is presented to you. But if you do so, then you will encounter a drop in the follower engagement rate.

7. Use multiple hashtags

If you are looking for a solution for How to make money on social media, you should not be hesitant to apply hashtags. If you want to get a higher engagement rate, then multiple hashtags will be beneficial.

To make money on social media, you can’t be afraid to use the hashtag. As per the research here, the magic number is 7, which means a post with seven hashtags has the highest engagement rates. You have to use various hashtags; even you can create some different and more specific hashtags relevant to each campaign. 

8. Promote your services

Now, you must get an idea of How to make money on social media, and for that, you do not need to sell any product, but you can still sell your services. As we have mentioned earlier, posting high-quality photos and then leveraging your photography abilities to make money. That’s just one way to do it, but there are loads of others.

9. Post-high-quality photos

High-quality content is one of those things that every business strives for.

If you aspire to become an influencer on social media, you have to make sure that you post quality content.


There are loads of options available to earn money on social media right now. People are earning a lot without selling a single product.

Those of you who have a huge social following can utilize your profiles to get paid by brands.

Even if you don’t have many followers right now, you can boost your following and engagement metrics to make yourself more appealing to proposed clients.

If you follow the tips and advice mentioned in this blog, you will surely answer how to make money on social media.

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