Best 8 Online Reputation Management Companies to build your brand reputation.

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Today, online reputation management can either make or break business success. In this digital era, consumers and other businesses search online to know more about your organization and brand before buying or working with you.

Having a positive brand image is necessary as it can lead to high sales, while a negative opinion refrains people from buying their products or services.

Whenever it comes to online reputation management services, there is no shortcut available in the market today. Today, getting the best option for your business can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

In this guide, I have compiled top online reputation management companies for you to consider.

Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Best Online Reputation Management Companies 

Here are the 8 best online reputation management companies.

1. Gadook (Suitable for rebranding and reputation attacks)

About Gadook:


With Gadook, you can leverage both short-term and long-term solutions for maintaining your reputation online.

Here’s a quick overview of what Gadook provides:

  • Brand Protection
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Rebranding
  • Brand Building

It is perfect for businesses that have undergone some type of brand attack or negative publicity. Whether you commit a mistake or something occurred to no fault of your own, your reputation could be ruined beyond repair.

Gadook understands how to rebrand your whole company. From a website redesign to new domain names and rebranded consumer service, they’ll manage everything.

Another reason for considering it is their brand protection service. Even if your business has a well-established reputation online, you have to ensure that it stays intact.

Gadook can reply to negative posts online and help improve your website’s positive content density. This will eventually marginalize any contradictory reviews. If you need an all-in-one solution, it’s worth noting that Gadook also provides services for inbound marketing, SEO, and pay-per-call for lead generation.

2. WebiMax (Best overall)

About WebiMax:

  • FOUNDED IN 2008

WebiMax is a digital marketing company, launched in 2008, and specializes in reputation management. WebiMax is results-driven. Therefore they have a 97% client retention rate.

When it comes to managing your reputation online, WebiMax builds a custom strategy for everyone. They explore cost-effective techniques to overcome negative remarks and develop a positive image.

WebiMax is confidential and works under a non-disclosure agreement so that no one knows whether you’re taking a third-party service to establish or repair your reputation online. WebiMax is highly automatic and keeps evolving to match Google’s algorithm changes, significantly impacting how your brand is seen online.

If you are looking to work with WebiMax, you can get a free reputation analysis that involves:

  • Positive content report
  • Custom price quote
  • Negative content report and deletion
  • Timeline to achieve your goals
  • Unclaimed profiles

3. (Suitable for monitoring reviews)


  • FOCUSES ON REVIEWS is a platform that offers a broad range of digital marketing services. Some of their best offerings include:

  • Reputation management
  • Website design
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • UX design
  • Website maintenance

Like many other services on our list, concentrates on reviews for creating, managing, and improving your reputation online.

The company will help you take a proactive approach to negative reviews by doing the following:

  • Encourage customers to write reviews
  • Set up alerts to see what people are telling about your brand online
  • Quickly respond to reviews (positive and negative)
  • Overcome negative reviews
  • Promote positive reviews makes it simpler and more appealing for your customers to register complaints in private. It is a better option than bashing your brand on a public forum.

Apart from’s reputation management services, they have lots of free resources, best practices, and tactics you can apply.

4. (Best algorithm for scoring models)



As its name suggests, manages all aspects of online reputation management. The API controls thousands of different websites wherever your brand is specified.

Some of their best online reputation services comprise:

  • Social suite
  • Online reviews
  • Directory management
  • Search accelerator
  • Business listings
  • Actions
  • Surveys
  • Managed services for Google

One unique feature of is its algorithm for determining your company’s reputation score. The index is ranked on a scale from 100-1,000. It’s calculated utilizing nine unique factors.

Your score will also display benchmarks related to your industry and contenders. acts with businesses across 77 diverse industries. Some of their most common industry solutions incorporate online reputation management for automotive, healthcare, retail, property management, hospitality, financial services, and senior living.

It’s an all-in-one platform that employs AI and machine learning to deliver quality results and in-depth analysis for your company. will produce actionable information to make relevant changes at your locations.

Another advantage of is its mobile-first mentality. You can manage everything straight from your smartphone using their apps.

You can compare your scores and maintain your reputation from anywhere.

5. Podium (Suitable for managing reviews)

About Podium:


The Podium is a bit unique when comparing it with others because they don’t promote itself as a reputation management company.

But, Podium’s services, directly and indirectly, develop your online reputation. Podium practices in driving reviews, so whenever people search your business online, they’ll see customers’ reviews to showcase your legitimacy. 

With the Podium, you’ll notice reviews and customer recommendations across all platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Google, or third-party niche platforms, your businesses will be evident.

Apart from helping your business get reviews, Podium has other tools for managing your reputation online.

Podium’s Web Chat feature enhances the way you engage with your customers on your website. Their Web Chat feature is an entirely customizable widget that will encourage you to convert leads.

You can also apply the Podium to accumulate feedback from your customers. Gain insight into what your consumers like and what could use development.

6. BirdEye (Best for managing new reviews)

About BirdEye:


Over 50,000 businesses employ BirdEye for reputation management. Some well-recognized brands involve BMW, Esurance, Nissan, Remax, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Harley Davidson.

BirdEye provides a wide range of reputation management solutions, such as:

  • Review marketing
  • Review monitoring
  • Listings management
  • Benchmarking
  • Review generation
  • Review management
  • Messenger and webchat
  • Surveys
  • Ticketing
  • Insights

If your small business does not have online reviews or requires more reviews on different platforms, BirdEye can be the best option for you. BirdEye is a great tool because it provides solutions to small businesses and enterprises.

We’ve already seen some of their most well-known clients, but it does not mean that small businesses can’t leverage it; it benefits small businesses. Whether you are working at one location or 10,000 locations all over the country, BirdEye can serve you.

It also lets you sync your reviews with Messenger. So, you will get notifications every time whenever you get a new review. It helps you to follow up with customers when their engagement rate is the highest.

7. SubmitEdge SEO (Best with SEO)

About SubmitEdge:


Apart from online reputation management, SubmitEdge SEO also practices social media marketing and local SEO.

With a strong history and deep roots in the SEO world, this company employs search optimization principles to increase your online reputation.

If you own negative reviews, posts, or feedback about your brand, SubmitEdge SEO can assist repair and restoring any online damage. They also have services to guard against brand attacks.

SubmitEdge SEO has tools for new companies to get exposure. Additionally, the company can establish trust and credibility for your business online. It is the most suitable option for small businesses that use SEO to maintain their online reputation.

8. Go Fish Digital (Best for managing Yelp reviews)

About Go Fish Digital:


Go Fish Digital is a marketing agency. They extend a wide range of services like SEO, influencer marketing, content marketing, web design, web development, CRO, and online reputation management services.

Big brands like Geico, Monster, Zendesk, and Survey Monkey have used Go Fish Digital’s services.

The Go Fish Digital brand reputation management solutions can be segmented into three major categories:

  • Brand building
  • Brand repair
  • Brand protection

The Go Fish Digital team will develop a custom plan and solution based on your organization’s needs. They’ll manage things like search engine improvement, Yelp and online review management, and public affairs.

Go Fish Digital enables you to track search results regularly. You can also check reviews in real time along with the data on an intuitive dashboard.

If there are so many negative reviews on Yelp, Go Fish Digital can make them removed. They explore the possibilities for poor reviews that infringe on Yelp’s guidelines. Then they present your case to Yelp on your behalf for dismissal.

Since Yelp simply provides brands one chance to make an argument against negative reviews, you’ll need the experts to manage this for you.

How to Figure Out Which Best Online Reputation Management Company For Your Business

There are different online reputation management companies to consider, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Fortunately, not all of these will be ideal for your business. You can narrow your focus to just one or two top options by using our methodology, which I’ll explain below.

1. Reputation Management Method

Each company has a different way to enhance your company’s reputation online. Some of the top tactics include:

  • Content creation
  • Review management
  • Social media management
  • SEO
  • Third-party site monitoring

The type of business you have and your current reputation will direct the best option for you.

For instance, some companies will strengthen your reputation by eliminating negative reviews. Other services work to drown out negative reviews by getting positive ones. Your personal decision will reshape which company is better for your business.

2. Industry Expertise

Go for an online reputation management service that has expertise in working with similar brands to your own.

Some businesses specialize in B2B and enterprises, while others are best for small businesses.

There are online reputation services offered for specific industries, like retail, healthcare, hospitality, and automotive brands. Locate one that offers a solution for your business type.

3. Technology and Additional Services

Pick a brand reputation management company that utilizes technology to improve your service. Algorithms to measure your brand reputation score, mobile apps, and dashboards with real-time information are a few top factors to look out for.

You should also think about choosing an all-in-one service provider that goes beyond the basics of reputation management. Depending on your conditions, you can also take services like web design and digital marketing from a provider.

4. Business Needs

All organizations have different needs. A startup company with no online presence will not require the same online reputation management provider as a well-established brand that just got some negative publicity.

  • Brand building
  • Brand protection
  • Brand repair
  • Attack prevention

These are just a few common business requirements. As you can see, some are proactive, while others are reactive. It all depends on the current state of your company.


If your company requires an online reputation management service, use this guide to support your decision-making process. 

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