Sqribble Review: Is it a handy eBooks generator tool

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You will agree with me when I say that writing content for an eBook only is a huge task. It involves planning, editing, proofreading, and designing. When we talk about eBooks, it’s not all about writing. But it should be presentable as an eBook is a compelling marketing material to pitch your brand and publicize the organization. This sqribble review will help you to understand this tool better.

Here you have to make sure that you deliver only the best; your approach should be a professional one as with your eBook, you’ll attract and influence your target audience, and you don’t want them to think that you are lousy, now, do you? 

This is the reason why professionals use Sqribble for producing mind-blowing eBooks. In this Sqribble review, we will look at every aspect of it. So read it till the end to decide for yourself.

Sqribble Review: Introduction 

As a content creator, sometimes I often struggle to find suitable software without limitations. But where Sqribble comes in. It is a unique, online cloud-based software platform that allows you to create PDF-formatted eBooks.

According to Adeel Chowdhry, its founder Sqribble is the “World’s #1 EASY TO USE & POWERFUL eBook Creator Studio.” 

Sqribble Review: What makes it different?

This Sqribble review will help you know that it has a list of fascinating eBook templates based on your niche, industry, and the content you’re producing. I will call Sqribble an all-rounder as you don’t need to depend on your designers or editors. You can pick from the templates and do it all by yourself- and that too within a few minutes! Yes, you heard it right !!! Within minutes – Sqribble is THAT user-friendly! 

Special Features Of Sqribble

  • 15 distinct niche categories for templates
  • Free commercial license
  • Automatic pagination
  • Automatically create content
  • 100+ stock library
  • Turn your book into a flipbook
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Add your own media
  • 50 eBook templates
  • Automatic headers and footers
  • Drag and drop design feature 
  • Add or delete pages
  • 300+ Google Fonts

How is eBook Created Using Sqribble?

Sqribble is simple to use and is quite user-friendly. Its “drag-and-drop technology” assists you in publishing your online written material by structuring it in a proper eBook format. There are several options to try on, so let’s find out how: 

1. Grab From URL

Yes! You can use URLs. Whatsoever URL you choose, the URL content is to be posted on this option, and then Sqribble’s platform will convert it as an eBook. You have to paste the link, and Sqribble will auto-fetch the website’s content and images. But don’t forget to credit the URL owner if you have used content from another website. You can also tailor the template and the content to meet your requirements.

2. Start From Scratch

Starting from scratch means you have to create everything by picking up a blank template. Some users appreciate writing an eBook entirely from the start with a plan in their mind. It provides the authority to customize the template as per their idea and vision. 

3. Copy And Paste Content Manually

Manually copying and pasting content is just like you do on any other platform. It is a faster way to generate an eBook. For example, if you have developed the content on some editing tool or have saved it somewhere, just paste it into this tool and customize the content.

4. Upload Word File

If you have already written content and saved it in a Word Doc or Google Doc format, then you just need to upload the file on Sqribble’s platform. If you are designing the eBook for someone else, it’ll be an excellent option to use Sqribble because you’ll have a professional template, too. 

5. Start From Article Collection

Here you can get content from Sqribble’s library collection and utilize it for free without giving any credit to the author. After choosing content from the library, you can change it by editing and adding media for your personalized eBook.

Scribble Review: Things That I Like Most About Scribble 

  • Enticing templates: This Sqribble review will give you information that it provides you with plenty of eBook templates you can choose from. Is it sound great? These templates are so good that you will find it challenging to pick one over the other. 
  • Unlimited pages: The best part is that you can make your content in-depth and informative as much as possible because there is no page limit in Sqribble.
  • Instant content: Some users may prefer instant things as they wish to do everything quickly. Also, sometimes we might run out of ideas while writing content. Therefore, at that time, creating an appealing format is challenging. But Sqribble supports overcoming that! Its instant content feature is immense support for all creators to create a digital book conveniently. You can make instant content for your social media accounts.
  • User-friendly: Sqribble’s platform is very appealing, has a minimalistic approach, and is very clutter-free! Even an amateur computer user can use it. The features are simply navigable, and one can quickly learn, produce, and download the PDF book. 
  • Google fonts: You will agree with me that font selection is crucial in an eBook. Someone will only read the book if it looks attractive and readable. Sqribble has several Google fonts you can choose from. It provides you the flexibility to customize the “feel” of your book. If your eBook is targeting a professional audience, you may use fonts like Arial or Verdana. If your ebook is more informal, you can use creative fonts like Comfortaa or Roboto. 
  • Template-Driven Process: The template-driven process makes it attractive, especially for non-designers. As a user we all appreciate creative content, no one likes dull content that lacks quality. Make it presentable by choosing a desirable template by customizing it hassle-free.
  • Pre-set color palettes: there are 20 pre-set color templates available, but the only drawback is designing a customizable color palette.

Sqribble Review: Final Thoughts

I find Sqribble a handy eBook designing platform, especially for novice eBook creators who want to sell their work. Its customizable features make it easy to create eBooks as compared to other eBook-creating platforms.

Anyhow, it has some disadvantages with a few of the features, like the pre-set color palettes. It has limited configuration options compared to other products such as Adobe suite or Canva

But it would be best if you looked closely at the features it provides. You can only determine advantages like the automatic pagination, automatic content table, automatic headers and footers, and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. All these features are exclusive on Sqribble, which is a good deal! 

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