An Honest Clickearners Review: Is It a Huge Scam?

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You may have heard about and get aroused by their ways of giving work that will help you earn money. But if you are looking for an honest Clickearners review, then you are at the right place. Some people may be wondering whether is legit or a scam? 

Before we look at the Clickearners review, we are glad that you are taking the time and researching before joining this suspicious website!

In this detailed review, you’ll find some big red flags that will let you avoid this website!

Let’s move forward and learn about it.

Clickearners Review: Introduction is an online platform that claims to offer data entry jobs, virtual assistant jobs, and other jobs that will enable you to earn money online.

On this platform, if you want the job, you have to get accepted, and if you get accepted, you’ll have to pay a fee to get a job and start making money. Sadly, there is no information available about this company or who’s the owner, giving us some major trust issues.

Clickearners is a Clickbank product; Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform where you can get legit products and, badly, scam products. But luckily, Clickbank enables people to get a refund if they are not happy with a Clickbank product they purchased.

Clickearners Review – Pros and Cons:


  • You can get a refund


  • Suspicious website.
  • Unknown Owner.
  • Paying to get a job doesn’t make sense.
  • Click Earners have a lot of complaints.
  • You may not get back all your money (I’ll explain this below).
  • Full of hype and lies.
  • They alter their name whenever they get exposed.
  • & more.

How does work?

If you are ready to get started, then you have to register yourself by providing your name, phone number, newsletter email, and country. Next, they will ask you to answer some basic silly questions like do you regularly use the internet and if you are reliable, and how many hours you are available per week, and so on. 

Once you get accepted, they will make you feel lucky and also shows that workers from your country are in high demand. But it’s not true; they accept everyone as long as they pay the fee.

After you join them, you’ll be required to select one of the two membership options (lifetime fee or one-year fee).

Clickearners Review: How to join

All you have to do is to give them your information and pay the fee, and you’re good to go. However, here we are not encouraging you to join this website, we are just telling you how, works and that’s it.

As per their website regulations, you have to pay the fee to them so that they can provide their service to you, and as per their claim, they also make sure that only hard workers and genuine members join.

Who can join

Now the interesting question is Who can join as we have mentioned above they accept anyone worldwide, and the “you’ve been taken because workers from your country are in high demand” is just a trick.

We believe that it doesn’t make any sense to spend money to get a job! There are many companies out there that offer free virtual assistant jobs and data entry jobs without paying a single penny!

How much does cost?

Clickearners offers two membership options:

  • 12 months access – $27
  • Lifetime access – $57

They claim that you can get your money back as they have a 60 days refund policy.

Click Earners review: Red Flags!

Sadly, is full of red flags that make us believe that this website is just a scam.

1. is a re-branded website!

We have done some research on the internet and found out that altered its name two times; if you visit these two links, you’ll be directed to!

You are apparently questioning why changed its name twice.

Most scammers choose to change their domain name whenever they get exposed, and many reviewers expose them!

This is a big red flag, and we also saw some complaints from members who joined and paid the fee and got no job! That proves that Clickearners is not genuine, and it won’t be surprising for us as they will change their name again whenever negative reviews start to pop up!

2. No information about the owner!

There is absolutely no data available about Clickearners’s owner; even there is no info about the company.

As you will agree here that we can’t trust those websites with hidden owners because there’s no reason to hide your identity unless you seek to scam people.

Not just that, they have no physical address either, so nothing demonstrates that this website is serious and trustworthy!

3. It doesn’t make sense to pay to get a job!

As we have mentioned above, tons of reliable and famous companies like Upwork can get you Virtual Assistant and data entry jobs for free. It’s absurd and doesn’t make any sense that you have to pay to get a job or take surveys. Data entry jobs or Virtual assistant jobs and all the jobs that ClickEarners offer can be located online for free. Legit companies don’t charge you a fee to take surveys or do data entry or testing products.

4. Click Earners have a lot of complaints! and its old company names have many grievances from members who say that they paid the fee, but didn’t get any job.

And the saddest part is that they tried to contact the company, but they got no answers!

How do I get a refund?

Luckily, and thanks to Clickbank, you can get your money back, but you may not receive all of your money because many Clickbank sellers use a small trick, so you get only a portion of the fee.

Is a scam?

To conclude the Clicklearners review, it is time to clarify the doubt, “Is a scam?”.

We won’t call a 100% scam because they have a refund policy, but we don’t recommend it because the jobs they give can be found for free! It is advisable to stay away from this website. We hope you find this Clicklearners review useful.

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