Top 10 Social Media Apps in India {Most Popular in 2023}

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Have you seen your cousin’s new watch, which he proudly displayed on Instagram? Have you noticed your father’s new Facebook profile picture? You must have, we’re sure. After all, you follow both of them on social media. Here we have the most used social media apps in India to download now.

Social media platforms have become the most popular means of communication as technology has connected people online. You can rely on them to connect you with like-minded individuals, exchange stories, keep you updated, etc.

These social media programs appear to be a blessing in times when our contact gap with our loved ones is expanding. We know nearly everything about them from their submitted stories, images, and videos on the best social media applications, from what they enjoy to what they do.

With 4.48 billion individuals utilizing social media worldwide, it has become a desirable ambition for digital marketers as well. Let’s take a quick tour of the top 10 social networking apps used throughout India. Both regular users and digital advertisers are drawn to them.

10 Best Social Media Apps in India

1. Facebook – 2.74 Billion Active Users

Facebook – 2.74 Billion Active Users

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social networking app. The statistics show that at least a fraction of your target audience uses the platform on a daily basis. However, it is fast losing younger users who are migrating to more popular social networking platforms such as Instagram. Facebook is still the best friend of older generations.

 Finance, e-commerce solutions, retailing, entertainment, news, technology, consumer items, and auto are among the major businesses that use Facebook for marketing.

Here are some more interesting Facebook facts:

  • India has the most active Facebook users (290 million), followed by the United States (190 million) and Indonesia (140 million).
  • In India, 73 percent of Facebook users log in every day. Ninety-three percent of Facebook users check in at least once a week, and 98 percent log in at least once a month.
  • Despite ongoing criticism of Facebook’s involvement in disseminating misinformation, 36% of Americans say they use the network as a news source on a regular basis.
  • The average Facebook user in India spends up to 38 minutes each day on the social media platform.

2. YouTube – 2.291 Billion Active Users

Youtube was the origin of the video-sharing culture on social media. It has over 2.2 billion monthly active users (MAU) and is one of the most popular video-sharing apps available.

The video-sharing network, which was first launched in 2005, was conceived as a dating site. It grew in prominence over time, especially since Google acquired it.

YouTube attracts a diverse audience of all ages. This covers the hard-to-reach age group of 65 and up. Everything a user wants to view is available on the platform. You name it, from sports to entertainment, cuisine to animals.

Because video content has surged in popularity, most businesses are investing in YouTube videos, making it an ideal source for digital marketing. It is the best source to earn money from these social media apps in India.

3. WhatsApp – 2.0 Billion Active Users

WhatsApp – 2.0 Billion Active Users

WhatsApp is one of only three social media platforms with a user base of over 2 billion people. The app’s current growth is phenomenal, with more than a billion users joining in less than four years.

Consider it one of the greatest texting applications available. It’s a platform that’s reduced phone calls while increasing texting culture. Whatsapp has transformed the art of messaging, from contacting your loved ones to getting information in your business groups.

WhatsApp may not appear to be a good place to market your digital marketing. If you use WhatsApp for customer service and interaction, though, you’ll quickly realize that the potential for businesses on this neglected platform is huge.

4. Instagram – 1.221 Billion Active Users

Instagram has become the app of the hour for the younger generation due to the photo-sharing culture and selfies. Instagram, which was founded by former Google workers, is the result of a thorough examination of the social media ecosystem. Instagram has exploded in popularity after the launch of Instagram Reels.

Instagram is one of those social media sites that can help influencers, product-based companies, and schools succeed. Instagram is your greatest choice if you want to market your goods to people under the age of 35.

5. Snapchat – 498 Million Active Users

Snapchat – 498 Million Active Users

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to share photographs and short videos (known as snaps) with their friends. It popularized the vertical video format, which later spread to other social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok.

However, the rise of Instagram Stories, in particular, appears to have impacted Snapchat’s growth and, more broadly, advertisers’ desire in utilising Snapchat for their brands.

Despite this, 69 percent of Indian teenagers claim they use Snapchat. If your target demographic is mostly teens, the app should be considered. 

6. Reddit – 430 Million Active Users

Because of its spooky similarity to old-school discussion forums, Reddit, which was created in 2005, is one of the first and finest social networking applications on our list.

There are currently over 2 million Subreddits on Reddit. These are usually self-contained groups with little platform moderation or interaction. Reddit’s success is primarily due to its independence.

Users may form thriving communities around a variety of topics, resulting in a strong dedication to the social media networking site. It is one of the most effective social media apps in India to download.

7. Pinterest – 442 Million Active Users

Pinterest – 442 Million Active Users

Pinterest is your best buddy if you’re seeking design ideas for your new room. Pinterest has all you need to know about wedding attire, Food recipes, the latest fashion, and words to impress your friends and family.

The image-sharing app had remarkable growth between January and December 2020, attracting more than 100 million new monthly active members. It happened as a result of market acceptance on a global scale.

Females make up the bulk of Pinterest users. Female brands are more likely to thrive in this app’s advertising environment, with more than 80% of users being female. However, after 2019, the number of males who utilize the service has risen.

8. Twitter – 353 million Active Users

Twitter has gained in popularity as a way to share breaking news, absorb bite-sized content, and communicate with people in real time. Although videos and photographs stand out the most, if you’re jumping on hot topics and are exceptionally intelligent, a well-timed textual tweet may still work wonders.

For disseminating information and alerts, Twitter is utilized in a more professional manner. Various governments throughout the globe utilize Twitter to provide news and updates to the public. It is the most opinionated social media app in India.

9. LinkedIn– 310 Million Active Users

LinkedIn– 310 Million Active Users

If you’re looking for decision-makers who can hire your business, stock your brand, or cooperate with you, LinkedIn is the place to be. Within its vast network of specialists and professionals, LinkedIn has over 61 million users in prominent positions.

Because LinkedIn is a specialized social networking program, it provides endless opportunities for connecting with a chosen group of individuals who can help your business flourish. In the last two years, LinkedIn has expanded tremendously, with around 30 new members joining every minute.

10. Quora — 300 Million Active Users

Quora is a community-based question-and-answer site and app where users may learn about a wide range of topics. Views, votes, reviews, and shares are used to rank questions and answers.

As a brand, you may set up a Quora page for your company or enlist the help of staff advocates to answer questions about your goods or services, as well as industry-related issues. You may also utilize Quora’s ad platform to promote your business. It is one of the most used social media apps in India.


These marketing insights will help you comprehend the shifting dynamics of major social media platforms, whether you are the CEO of a small or medium business, a member of a company’s social media team, or a marketer trying to establish an exciting social media presence.

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