Steps To Be Taken If Your Instagram Account Got Hacked.

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Did your Instagram account got hacked? It is pretty scary, particularly for those businesses that rely on social media for their marketing efforts and get traffic from Instagram.

Sadly, hackers can access your Instagram account in less than 10 minutes if it is not protected correctly.

A hacker will usually hack accounts by using one of three ways:

  • Taking hold of your login information.
  • Phishing: Hackers will send you a persuasive email that has a link to a false Instagram login page. If you click it and log in with your username and password, they capture your information. Therefore, be aware and never click a link sent to you via email.
  • Utilizing third-party apps. Make sure that you deny access to suspicious third-party apps. Never authorize an app that you do not rely on to get access to your personal information.

If you find yourself in a position where you believe that your Instagram account got hacked, it’s essential to act quickly.

Follow these steps to help guide you to the recovery of your account.

Three steps to be taken if your Instagram account Got hacked

If you have any doubt that your Instagram account got hacked, here’s what to do.

1. Use Instagram Account Recovery

It is where you need to request a login link (click on the Forgot password button) immediately from Instagram. From there, you will insert your phone number or email address and click Send Login Link. Then, Instagram will send you an email that will help you recover your account.

Sometimes hackers are so fast to modify your username and password, and in that case, this tactic will not work. If you find your username invalid, consider going onto step 2.

2. Report the Account Hacking to Instagram

If you cannot recover your password because the hacker is changing it too quickly, the next step is to report it immediately to Instagram.

You will find a form on the Instagram website, fill that form with all your account details, and choose My account was hacked, and then click Request Support.

When you get back from Instagram, they will require you to verify your identity for an extra security measure. The process looks like this:

  • You will be given a code directly from the site.
  • They will ask you to share your picture while holding a piece of paper with the code (usually, they prefer this to be a selfie).
  • They will also ask you to confirm the original email address or phone number that you used for the account.
  • Lastly, Instagram will confirm that you are the account user by matching the photo with your Instagram photos.

It is considered a sure-shot way for Instagram to retrieve your account because there is typically no way to hack this system they have in place.

3. Review Your Login Activity

This step can also be seen in your Instagram settings. Reviewing your login activity will tell you whenever someone has used your username and password combination to get into your account. It is a crucial step if you find that your Instagram account got hacked as doing this can assist you to recognize suspicious logins to your account. While checking your login activity, it will display the date and time of each login. This can sometimes be difficult to remember if it was you or someone else.

However, if you find that you suddenly have followers that you did not approve of or photos posted that you remember you did not take, then most likely someone has hacked into your account.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Hackings

1. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

This step is important as it will reduce any future hacking chance, as well. Two-factor authentication is a safety feature, and setting it up is very easy. You have to go to your Instagram settings and insert a specific login code to verify your login effort every time you (or someone else) try to go onto Instagram from a device that the platform does not recognize.

According to Instagram, there are various two-factor authentication methods you can utilize with your Instagram account.

To get started with two-factor authentication, pick any of the options below:

  • Login codes from a third-party authentication app (such as Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator).
  • Text message (SMS) codes from your mobile phone.

2. Change Your Password for Instagram (and Your Email)

Choose a strong password that is distinct from other passwords you commonly use on the internet.

If a hacker has your login information for Instagram, they can also access your email credentials. Therefore, you have to make sure that your email is protected by changing that password frequently, as well.

3. Verify Your Phone Number & Email Address in Account Settings are Correct

It is one of the first things hackers will replace once they have a successful login. They will swap your phone number and email address to one they can get access to and you cannot.

If your phone number and/or email address have been modified, it is crucial first to change them back to your accounts and then check for any unusual activity that may have happened on your page.

4. Pay Attention to Notifications from Instagram

If you get an email or notification from Instagram suggesting that you change your password, do it.

Remember, avoiding phishing scams does not click a link in any email asking you to change your password. Go straight to your Instagram and change your password there.

According to the Instagram:

While automated security checks, Instagram sometimes collects login information that was stolen from other sites. If Instagram recognizes that your password may have been taken, changing your password on Instagram and other sites assists in keeping your account secure and preventing you from being hacked in the future.

The Takeaway

If your Instagram account got hacked, there are steps in place that will help you regain access to your account.

Instagram is undoubtedly aware that their social media platform is subject to hackers and those building fake accounts, so they have administered new systems to help seize these types of accounts.

If you follow this guide immediately after seeing a failed login, suspicious posts, or modified information, there is a good chance you will be capable of recovering your account.

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