15 Best Shopify Currency Convertor Apps in 2024

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With the rise of ecommerce, many businesses now have customers all over the world. This means that they need to be able to accept payments in multiple currencies. Luckily, there are several Shopify currency converter apps available that can help you do just that. In this blog post, we’ll look at 15 of the best shopify currency convertor apps and how they can make it easy for your business to accept payments from customers around the globe.

So whether you’re a small business or an enterprise-level company, these Shopify plugins will give you the tools you need to expand into international markets with ease. Let’s get started! look at 15 of the best Shopify currency convertor apps so that your business can start accepting payments from customers anywhere in the world quickly and easily. So let’s get started!

15 Best Shopify Currency Convertor Apps 

1. Auto Currency Switcher by Flexiweb Solutions –

This app automatically changes store prices to match customers’ home currency. It supports more than 200 payment gateways and manual and automatic conversion rate updates. It is one of the best shopify currency convertor apps.

2. Digital Currency Exchange by BazaarBuilder –

This app offers real-time currency exchange rates from major banks and exchanges with a comprehensive feature set that includes over 140 currencies. It also provides full control over prices by allowing merchants to fix exchange rates or let them float freely according to market conditions.

3. Currency Converter Plus by Begoon –

This app allows merchants to create multiple conversion rate tables for each location, enabling them to target individual markets with separate pricing structures. It also optimizes the checkout process with pre-selected currencies based on customer location data, as well as allows for quick add-ons during checkout such as taxes and shipping fees with automatic rate conversions included.

4. Multi Currency Converter by Codup –

This app helps merchants calculate foreign price equivalents so customers always know what they’re paying upfront in their own currency, regardless of where they’re purchasing from or how much money they have in their wallet or bank account in another country or region of the world. It allows easy access to automated currency rate updates from major global exchanges, too. It is one of the best shopify currency convertor apps.

5. Shoptimizer’s Automatic Currency Converter –

This Shopify app simplifies the process of providing accurate international pricing information on product pages and other areas of an online store, including checkout and cart pages. Plus, it works across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) so customers get consistent pricing no matter what device they’re using to shop your store from around the world!

6. Multicurrency Payment Processing by Shoprocket –

With this app, merchants can offer a single payment page featuring multiple currencies through a variety of gateways like PayPal and Stripe that allow customers to pay quickly in their home country’s local currency without having to be redirected away from your store’s website during checkout process—all while offering fixed exchange rates for shoppers too!

7. Easy Multi-currency Payment Processor Pro by XAdapter –

This is an advanced version of the Easy Multi-currency Payment Processor which features powerful automation tools like automated currency conversion at checkout time as well as full control over order amounts (inclusive or exclusive of taxes). Additionally, it supports native integration with Shopify payments so you can offer multiple currencies without extra hassle!

8. Foreign Exchange Rates App by WDM Tech –

With this app you can set up manual or auto update options on your store’s payment gateway settings so that every time a customer makes a purchase your merchant account is updated automatically with the latest foreign exchange rate data available—allowing buyers from any corner of the globe know exactly how much their purchase will cost before checking out!

9. MultiCurrency Checkout by ELEX–

Merchants can now offer customers a choice between several different currencies via one unified payment page using this awesome Shopify plugin! Plus there are also additional features like language translation services built into the system which allow for multi-language support too! It is one of the best shopify currency convertor apps.

10 . Smart Currency Conversion App by Wyomind–

Another great option for global businesses looking to effortlessly manage international sales conversions—this flexible solution provides nearly instantaneous transaction processing across multiple world currencies with automated adjustments being made whenever necessary according to prevailing exchange rates throughout any given day!

11 . Worldwide Payments App by  Apptimizely–

Last but not least is this highly configurable plugin which enables merchants to customize settings such as payment methods accepted (credit cards/debit cards/bank transfers), customer address information required (country/state/city) & applicable tax percentages based on country/region selected at checkout time—so you never have worry about incorrect calculations again when it comes international payments processing through Shopify platform!

12. XE Currency Converter:

This app features a live exchange rate calculator that continuously updates according to the latest data from XE, one of the world’s most trusted foreign exchange companies. You can also select which currencies will appear on your store, or allow shoppers to view pricing in any available currency.

13. Multi Currency by Bailey Solutions:

With this app, you can offer multiple currencies on the same page and let shoppers select their preferred one before adding products to their cart. The app also offers an automatic geo-location feature which detects a customer’s location and displays prices in their local currency accordingly.

14. Currency Switcher by ZipMoney:

This app helps international customers make purchases quickly with its easy checkout process and auto-conversion feature which detects the customer’s location and shows prices in their local currency without requiring them to switch manually.

15. Multi Currency by Bold Commerce:

With this app, you can configure up to 6 different currencies at once, allowing international shoppers to see product prices in their local currencies while browsing your store or during checkout. It also shows conversion rates so customers know exactly how much they’re spending in each currency before confirming their purchase.


For any eCommerce store, it’s important to offer customers the ability to pay in their local currency. This will make them feel more comfortable and increase conversions as they don’t need to worry about conversion rates or fees. The 15 best shopify currency Convertor apps highlighted here provide a great solution for merchants looking to add this feature to their stores.

Each of these apps has its own unique features that can help you maximize your profits while giving customers an easy way to purchase products from anywhere around the world. With one of these tools installed, you’ll be able to take advantage of global markets without worrying about complicated international payment systems.

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