13 Best Email Marketing Software for 2023

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Email marketing is the activity of transmitting messages or information. It is done either to individual selves or custom groups. In common words, it is obtaining email to enhance services or products. This also includes promoting, advertising, requesting donations, and more. Can’t decide which is the best email marketing software?

Then you have come to the right spot. We will show you top-notch email marketing software in various fields. A total of 77% of B2B companies consume the best email marketing service. Whereas the usage rate is 87% in B2B marketers, they use it to educate their users.

basics of email marketing

Email marketing is easy, simple to organize, and lends you the entire control. And also permits you to solidify immediate contact with the clients. Email marketing made it to the list of the most productive marketing procedures. The average return on investment rate of email marketing software is 4300%. 

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Software 

We present you with decent email marketing software depending on our experiences. They are:   

1. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is an email marketing software for modern businesses. With an all-in-one email management platform, you get the power to create and send email campaigns, monitor email activity to gain insights into customer interests, and stay up-to-date with detailed reports of email performance.

No matter the size or complexity of a business’s email need, NotifyVisitors has the traffic-building strategies to get your campaigns in front of the right people. This comprehensive email marketing software is designed to maximize results while minimizing workflow. So get started today and unlock the potential of email marketing with NotifyVisitors!

2. GetResponse


The entire procedure from beginning to end is very sharp and user-friendly. It also comes with a bunch of solutions to choose from. This software permits you to put in contacts in the easiest possible way by using the dashboard’s quick-action controls.

Constructing an email is very natural. You can select templates from the template bank. Another option is by arranging the HTML code in the builder. The best feature is, this software shows the block’s title when drifting across it. Their software offers a way to the endless free stock images.

Along with many Shutterstock integrations. GetResponse software includes a mobile application. This allows you to build emails, entry to data, and contact management. 

3. Campaign Monitor 

This software has clear and nice interaction flow features. It assists in building contact lists, and you can receive them using an upload file or copy-paste them. You can choose a template as they offer 81 different kinds of email templates. This software permits you to create email either using bespoke HTML code or plain script.

The best feature is it can alter the template without beginning again from scratch. This feature is very helpful when protecting the entire subject but altering the design. The layout solution uses the drag and drops option editor. You can see the email opens from the fresh real-time world map picture.

4. Drip 


You can expand contacts using three types of methods. Such as separately, receiving bulk emails from a file, and copy-paste option. This software categorizes the email lists using its tag network. You must either organize a broadcast or campaign to start composing an email. After that, you can develop an email by obtaining any one of the three options.

They are built-in email producers, bespoke HTML code, or plain text. This software allows you to create custom templates for yourself. Drip software permits the users to preview the email anywhere, anytime on any device. You can prepare a split test by enhancing content differences and the captive line. This software makes it easy to convey infinite loads of emails. 

5. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign software is very easy and simple to understand. It possesses more than 21 templates and a lot of design alternatives. Their software also reveals a picture reworking tool that comes with the email editor, which saves the user time. This software entitles users to perform a spam check after organizing the emails. One unique feature of this software is, it comes with a machine learning element while mailing emails.

The additional major factors are email automation, drag-and-drop design-builder, active content tools, marketing automation, and more. It also has various social media integrations and the best opt-in features. They offer phone support, email response, and live chat options for customer queries.

Best Email Marketing Service Software For Free

Best Email Marketing Service

Here is a look at the email marketing software that offers free trials and free app versions with the best features. They are: 

6. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact software is the only software with the lengthiest trial time. Their email design appliance takes the item domains and uses a drag and drop editor. The users have many choices for receiving email contacts. Some of them send bulk emails in a file, copy-pasting, and introduce contacts from various third-party apps. For example, Outlook, Gmail, and many more.

The entire procedure is very modest and simple to interpret. Constant Contact offers client support through live chat and phone options. Along with that, it also has a vast knowledge base with extra marketing essays for guiding. Their free package offers a 60-day free session with 100 contacts for the trial period. 

7. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email

The Benchmark Internet Group developed this software. Some of the features of this software are 400+ custom email templates, server for email amount senders. It also assists in building and delivering expert newsletters. Their software also controls and composes customer contact lists.

It also includes analyzing and generating summaries for email campaigns. Other functions are autoresponders and good visual signup forms. Benchmark email software also collects the data information from the studies, and it also governs email delivery. This software is free for up to 2,000 users.

8. Sendinblue 

Sendinblue software comes with many fresh features that permit you to benefit from the latest email marketing trends. The design of the editor is portable and doesn’t use various pop-up windows to prohibit the picture. The users maintain three choices to develop an email—for example, custom HTML code, drag, drop editor, and the unique creative script editor.

The users can have previews of their emails through various gadgets, such as desktop, laptop, mobile phone, Mac, and more. One of the top-notch features is its infinite amount of connections and items. Sedinblue’s free program offers unlimited contacts and 300 emails every day. 

9. Mailjet


You can blend transactional emails and templates dealing in a single online application by using this software. Their A/X testing element helps you in sampling ten various email editions and choosing the best version. Other key features are automatic drag & drop-based layout solutions, email personalization, personalized emails, and mobile-friendly software. It also manages stats, email contact lists, and email templates. This software offers 24×7 customer service and support solutions. The users can get access to 6,000 emails per month and 100,000 contacts in their free plan. This free plan is more than sufficient for small teams, startups, and little businesses. 

Top 4 Email Marketing Software For Startups And Small Businesses 

Take a look at the top-notch best email marketing software outstanding for most tiny companies and fresh startups. They are: 

10. Stream Send

Stream Send

StreamSend Email Marketing Inc. operates the stream send software. The key functions are producing and mailing fast and secure newsletters. It has 100+ skill email templates, in-built SPAM keeping. They offer various tracking options, such as email tracking, campaign tracking, and many more. This software has integrations with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Stream also sends favors for both big and short email volume senders. It also offers the best consumer segmentation tools, along with bespoke email automation methods.

11. Engage Bay

Engage bay software is an all-in-one marketing strategy for startups and small firms. They provide information and marketing data from a single dashboard. This software has sales bay tools for sales automation, a marketing bay for marketing strategies, and free CRM.

It has countless email templates and allows you to create custom templates to improve conversion rates. They offer email broadcasts that help in delivering offers, email newsletters, and advertisements. It has tracking solutions for various things, for example, email open rate, email click-through rate. 

12. Wish Pond 

Wish Pond

WishPond software gives every solution for generating marketing funnels to produce online buyers. This software helps online marketers in building active email campaigns that function well. It also assists in creating landing pages, contests, and lead generation. They can create various kinds of content for social media posts and content. With the help of drag and drop editor, it is very easy to prepare landing pages for emails. WishPond software is home to more than 100 mobile-friendly email templates. It also has perfect tracking tools and segmentation tools. 

13. FreshMail 

This software is best for startups that are trying email marketing for the first time. It has decent inbuilt testing tools along with behavioral segmentation possibilities. One of the key features of FreshMail software is its personalization functions. This software has various already-made email templates. Freshmail software is very easy to use, and also it is cost-effective. It has email split testing that is easy to perform. They have simple segmentation and precise analysis. 


Email Marketing still claims its place as one of the best and most powerful marketing procedures. There are many reasons for this, like widespread usage, ease of execution, budget-friendly, and more. We made it easy for you to decide by detailing the best email marketing software in various fields. All these email marketing software is available in the present-day market.

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