14 Best Chatbot Software & Tools in 2023 [Pricing & Features Compared]

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A chatbot is a response tool through which customers engage and ask their queries. To respond, the tool uses a predefined conversation flow. However, with technological advancement, intelligent AI chatbots are now available in the market, which learns and copy human conversation via natural language. In this blog, we have provided details of some of the best chatbot software available in the market. If you are also planning to use a chatbot, keep reading. 

Today, the chatbot is the best tool to improve customer service, and we all know that good customer service is essential for a higher retention rate. Hence, a chatbot tool is also vital to accelerate business growth.

14 Best Chatbot Software & Tools in 2023

Here is the list of the best chatbots of 2023, which you can use and take your business to the next level.

1. Freshdesk


Freshchat is the messaging service provided by Freshdesk. It is a live chat customer support platform that provides sophisticated solutions. It is a built chatbot for Facebook Messenger, Apple, WhatsApp, etc.


  • 24×7 email support
  • OOTB analytics and reporting
  • Automated resolutions
  • Multiple chat templates
  • Multilingual
  • Conversation APIs
  • Performance analysis by a bot


Freshdesk provides a 21-day free trial, but it also has a free version for up to up to 100 agents. The rest of the plans for the Freshdesk chatbot are as follows:

  • Growth – $15
  • Pro – $49
  • Enterprise – $76 

2. ChatBot

ChatBot.com, as the name suggests, provides dedicated chatbot services that automate customer communication and improve business. It allows you to create no-code chatbots, which are easily buildable. Pre-built template, 14 days trial, and no credit mandatory policy make it one of the best chatbot services providers for all types of companies.  


  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Pre-designed templates available
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics chatbot
  • Heat map presentation provided
  • Team collaboration possible
  • Integrations with Slack, Shopify, and WordPress


The prices of ChatBot are shown below. 

  • Trial -Free
  • Starter – $42 per month
  • Team – $126 per month
  • Business – $424 per month
  • Enterprise – customizable

3. HubSpot


HubSpot needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular customer relationship management platforms, which provides one of the best AI-powered chatbot software. It offers a chatbot builder, which can be quickly set up and customized and is famously called as HubBot. 


  • Pre-created questions and answers
  • Live chat
  • Extract and qualify leads automatically
  • Meeting booking
  • Customer support
  • Option for multiple languages available
  • Se-tup email sequence
  • Customizable option available
  • Integrate chatbot with HubSpot CRM system


The chatbot for HubSpot is a part of the Sales Hub. The Sales Hub is a sales software that one can access for free. Hence, the HubSpot chatbot can also be used for free but with limited features. Those looking for a customized version of the HubSpot chatbot can purchase the Sale Hub Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition. The cost of these is as follows: 

  • Starter – $45 per month
  • Professional – $800 per month (talk to sales option available)
  • Executive – $3,200 per month (talk to sales option available)

4. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is the best product available for creating AI chatbots for Facebook. Through it, you can easily create a no-code Facebook messenger board. As per the official website of Chatfuel, it has had 7M+ clients so far, some of which are top-notch companies. 


  • Pre-created questions and answers
  • Analytical analysis of common inquiries to automate conversations.
  • Automatic lead generator
  • Customer support
  • Audience segmentation and integration with CRM system
  • Scheduled reengagement sequences


The price range of Chatfuel is suitable for all and is as follows:

  • Trial – $0
  • Entrepreneur – $12 per month
  • Startup – $20 per month
  • Small Business – $48 per month
  • Growing Business – $96 per month

5. Drift


Drift bot is the most suitable option for B2B companies. The Drift bot is designed to create scenarios that can use conversations and turn them into sales. It can be easily integrated with various email marketing services and CRMs. It is one of the best chatbot software.


  • Identify lead
  • Proactive Messaging 
  • Live chat
  • Powered by AI
  • Calendar available in chat
  • A/B testing
  • Meeting booking
  • Integration of salesforce
  • Email fallback and signature
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Insight on audience
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Customer support
  • Customizable rule-based chatbot
  • CRM routing
  • Basic and revenue reporting
  • Analysis of conversations
  • Integration available Slack, MadKud, Google Analytics, Zapier, Hubspot, Zendesk, etc.


The price of Drift Bot varies as per the plan. There are Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans available for the companies. To get price details, one needs to schedule a meeting and state whether the company is of less or more than 50 employees.

6. Intercom

Chatbot by Intercom is famous in the SaaS world. It is suitable for very small businesses as well. One of the best features of Intercom is that it allows you to personalize the bot’s reaction. Due to this, companies can filter customers into groups and segments and then make targeted sales. 


  • Live chat option
  • Role-based permissions
  • Conversation rating and tags
  • Conversation routing bot
  • Resolution bot
  • Mobile Carousels
  • Outcome reporting
  • Autosaved replies
  • Chat and email support
  • Customer support
  • Behavioral data
  • Reporting dashboard
  • A/B testing
  • Salesforce & Marketo integrations
  • Integration with Slack, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc


Since Intercom is considerate of very small businesses, it has a $74 per month plan for such companies. However, companies can customize the plan after scheduling a meeting with the Intercom sales team.

7. Zendesk


Zendesk’s Answer Bot is probably the most promising no-code chatbot builder available for growing companies. It is an AI-powered live chatbot that automates messages. It has been specially designed to assist businesses in providing supreme-quality customer support. It is one of the best chatbot software.


  • Live chat
  • Builder for drag and drop flow
  • Email integration
  • Group messaging
  • Advance queuing and routing of tickets
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Omnichannel conversation management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy-to-use interface with powerful third-party integrations
  • Conditional ticket field
  • Provide support in 17 languages 
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Skills-based conversation routing


Zendesk has a comprehensive pricing policy. However, the starting price of the chatbot is $49 per month. Zendesk does not give a free version, but companies can opt for a 14 days trial. All the plans for Zendesk are as follows:

  • Team: $49 user/month
  • Growth: $79 user/month
  • Professional: $99 user/month
  • Enterprise: $150 user/month

8. Ada

Ada is a software company that offers a chatbot-based platform. The platform helps companies to automate customer experience and make it smoother. But, it is fully automated, and thus the bot takes time to train. However, once trained, it is one of the most useful chatbots available in the market. 


  • AI-powered
  • Creation and sequencing of leads
  • Proactive SMS and campaigns
  • Automated FAQs
  • OOTB ticketing CRM
  • Analytical dashboard
  • CRM integration
  • Smart detect
  • Multilingual
  • Chat notification


Ada does not provide the price. So, the companies need to contact the sales department for details. 

9. Boost.io


Boost.io has a fast, easy, and scalable AI-powered chatbot. It is a no-code chatbot builder with a conversational AI that can be easily trained.  


  • Ready to go intents
  • Intelligent AI that can transform data
  • Enhanced understanding with class-leading NLP and NLU
  • Analytical dashboard
  • SSO
  • Cloud/ hosting
  • Virtual agent network
  • Voice bot with IVR


To know the price, one needs to contact the company and get details from the sales team. 

10. Tidio

Tidio is a customer service platform that also provides a live chat option. Tidio’s live chat can be combined with the chatbot tool to get impactful mobile-friendly customer service support. It is one of the best chatbot software.


  • Easy chatbot builder
  • Dozens of templates
  • Lead generation
  • Survey for data collection
  • Automated response
  • Automatically recommend products 
  • Predefined workflow
  • Automatically offers personalized discounts intelligently
  • Facility for customers to place orders directly
  • Real-time user monitoring
  • Team and chat analytics
  • Visual editor
  • Integrate with Zapier
  • 35+ chatbot template options
  • Chat analytics
  • Email support
  • 24/5 Live Chat


The chatbot for Tidio is priced at $39 per month, but a free version is also available. The fee is best if you just want a menial chatbot, live chat, and email support. The other price options for Tidio are given on the website and are as follows:

  • Free – $0
  • Communicator – $19 per month
  • Chatbot – $39 per month
  • Tidio+ – $289

11. Meya AI

Meya AI

Meya is an automation platform that has Grid, Orb, and Console. Grid allows users to use Meya’s backend and code workflow. On the other hand, Orbs is a pre-built chatbot that companies can customize per their needs. Lastly, on the Console, the teams can create, design, and execute.


  • Built bot with BFML
  • Scalable hosting
  • Sandbox apps
  • Visual flow conversation builder


The prices provided by Meya are as given below but a 14 days free trial is also available. 

  • Pro – $$799 per month
  • Partner – $2,500 per month
  • Enterprise – Companies need to contact and get details from the sales department

12. Certainly

Certainly provides a no-code bot builder which is easy to use. Companies can use a free trial first and then decide if they want to continue using Certainly chatbot. 


  • Analysis of user intent
  • Routing from chatbot to agent
  • Multiple pre-made templates
  • Integration with CRMs
  • Cross-sell and add items to the cart
  • Post-sales customer support


The price for Certainly is not available but companies can get all the details by getting in touch with them. 

13. ManyChat


ManyChat is a chatbot builder for Facebook and Instagram. Through it, you can make sales, capture leads, and do more using Facebook messenger. It is one of the best chatbot software.


  • Generated leads
  • Integration with CRMs
  • Read-to-go templates 
  • Email marketing and campaigns
  • SMS marketing
  • Facebook Messenger and Instagram automation


The plans for ManyChat are as follows: 

  • Free – $0
  • Pro – $15
  • Premium – Companies need to contact and get details from the sales department

14. Microsoft Azure Bot

Microsoft provides Azure Bot services. It allows you to build an intelligent customizable bot. With it, you can create a simple Q&A bot or a very high-class virtual assistant.  With Azure Bot Service you can build an intelligent, enterprise-grade bot and the most amazing part is that you will have complete ownership and control of your data.


  • AI-powered
  • Natural language
  • Automatic tracking of critical bot telemetry
  • Identification of future topics.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and telephony
  • Centralized management and safe scaling


To know the price of Azure Bot, Microsoft provides three options, which are – purchase directly from Microsoft, buy via Azure website, or buy after talking to a salesperson.


The general perception of a chatbot is that it automates customer services by replying to common queries. However, today the role of a chatbot goes beyond answering queries. Now, it is an integral business development tool that gathers data, automates services, increases the team’s efficiency, and improves customer service. 

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