What is the Best Customer Service Software for your business?

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Customer service software helps businesses to make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their business. Keep in mind that your customers can either make or break your success.

Satisfied customers continue coming back and paying more money, while unsatisfied customers will cause significant damage to your reputation.

Therefore, customer service must be a preference for every business. Luckily, exemplary customer service software can make this possible. Customer service solutions help businesses to fast response times, positive interactions, and happy customers.

Today, we will be looking at some of the best customer services software and their top features, benefits, use cases, pricing, and more.

How to Determine Best Customer Service Software For Your Business

There are some features and factors to keep in mind as you’re assessing different options.

1. Number of Agents

Companies that have five service representatives won’t require the same software as a business with 50 agents.

Therefore, your customer service team size is vital to your ultimate choice.

Larger teams require features for collaboration and role-based ticketing, but that won’t be required for a smaller business.

2. Customer Communication Method

How are consumers currently reaching out to your service team? How do you wish them to do so going forward?

There’s software for everything. Whether it’s email, chatbots, live Chat, or support tickets, you can get a solution to satisfy your needs. There are also tools for social media integration so all of your messages involving DMs and comments can be handled from a single dashboard.

3. Feature Bundles

Each customer service software on our list does an excellent job of marketing its top features. But with that, you have to focus on the features you require the most.

For instance, are you looking for customer service software, especially for live Chat? First, recognize the features you want. Then look for the right program that has all of those features.

4. Price

The price for customer service software differs on a wide range of factors. For instance, many solutions charge you based on the number of customer service representatives on your team.

Available features in your package will also have a significant impact on what you pay. For example, small businesses, startups, and nonprofits with more modest teams can utilize free customer service software without compromising quality.

Some Of The Best Customer Service Software

1. LiveAgent – The Best for Live Chat Support

LiveAgent – The Best for Live Chat Support



LiveAgent encourages you to handle all customer requests from multiple channels in a singular platform.

Centralize all communication and support to one place—no matter where your consumers are.

LiveAgent allows you to save your time, simplifies the process, and also enables you to improve the profitability of your support team.

LiveAgent has tools for:

  • Email ticketing
  • Voice and video calls
  • Live Chat
  • Social media integration

Here’s a more intimate look at the plans and prices for LiveAgent’s customer service software:

Free —

  • 7 day ticket history
  • 1 live chat button
  • 1 email address for ticketing
  • 1 phone number for call centre support

Ticket — $15 per month per agent

  • Unlimited ticket history
  • Load data from your CRM
  • Unlimited email ticketing
  • Multi-brand support

Ticket + Chat — $29 per month per agent

  • Unlimited live Chat
  • Chat invitations
  • Chat satisfaction surveys
  • Real-time visitor monitor

All-inclusive — $39 per month per agent

  • Unlimited call centre support
  • Unlimited call storage
  • Gamification
  • Video calling

For every paid plan, LiveAgent provides add-on pricing for features like time tracking, social media integration, audit logs, and more.

Overall, it’s an easy and flexible tool for handling live customers with ticketing and live Chat. 

2. HubSpot


  • High-level FEATURES START AT $40/MO

HubSpot is one of the most well-known CRMs in the industry. It has a broad range of software and solution suites that helps businesses to manage relationships with customers.

These offerings are classified into three main categories: sales, marketing, and service.

The HubSpot Service Hub is an excellent solution for handling customer issues through service tickets.

What makes it best is that they offer free CRM solutions that include software for customer service.

Free features incorporate ticketing, live Chat, chatbots, team email, and a conversations inbox. You’ll also profit from free email templates, closed ticket reports, and time-to-close reports.

HubSpot is proof that you don’t require to spend a ton of capital on enhancing your customer service with software. After all, this won’t take you a thing.

For those of you who need access to advanced features and benefits, here’s an overview of the paid plans:

Starter — $40/monthly

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Calling
  • Incorporates two paid users
  • Canned snippets
  • Agent productivity reports

Professional — $320/monthly

  • Covers five paid users
  • 1:1 video creation
  • Custom reporting
  • Ticket status, routing, automation, and pipelines
  • Knowledge base
  • Surveys for NPS, experience, and support

Enterprise — $1,200/monthly

  • Covers ten paid users
  • Playbooks and goals
  • Integrates with Slack
  • Hierarchical teams
  • User roles
  • Single sign-on

All rates are based on a yearly contract. But, you can also get the HubSpot Service Hub month-to-month, for that, you have to pay 20% more.

HubSpot also gives exceptional product bundles for all CRM categories in a singular solution. So if you desire to get software for sales, service, and marketing from a single provider, HubSpot is the most suitable option for you. Bundles start at $112.50 per month.

3. Monday.com – The Best for Continually Supporting Accounts



Monday.com is a platform that provides end-to-end customer relationship management. It handles everything a CRM can do while holding the tools to maintain positive relationships with customers well after purchase.

It’s an excellent fit for B2B companies that nurture long-term relationships with their clients. Monday.com helps you keep all your accounts organized with its contact management tools. So, from lead through well after the initial purchase, you can store and access information, touchpoints, client behaviors and actions, and any other custom data you want to keep.

Many businesses utilizing a CRM like Monday.com lean more profoundly on its contact management during the sales cycle. But your sales team can share data with your client service pros to confer context to relationships.

So, when a user comes to you with inquiries, concerns, or a readiness to upgrade, anyone from your team can draw from the information you’ve accumulated, even if a representative is handling a client for the first time.

As an admin or manager, you can depend on Monday.com to make sure that post-sale relationships are going sleekly, too. 

Pricing comes in four flavors, with every tier unlocking more valuable features:

Basic: $8/seat per month—incorporates unlimited boards and more than 200 templates

Standard: $10/seat per month—consists of 250 automation and integrations per month

Pro: $16/seat per month—incorporates time tracking and 100 times the automation and integrations offered in Standard

Enterprise: Custom pricing—incorporates more robust security, permits, reporting, and analytics

4. Freshdesk – The Best for Switching Platforms

Freshdesk – The Best for Switching Platforms



Freshdesk is one of the most popular help desk solutions in the market today as it’s simple and easy to use. That’s why 150,000+ businesses, including American Express, HP, and Panasonic, trust them.

They offer several excellent features:

  • Ticketing
  • Field service
  • Collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Customer self-service
  • Multi-channel support

It is excellent if you desire to streamline your customer service solutions on a particular platform. As such, Freshdesk makes team collaboration and automation simple.

If you’re currently using another help desk solution and you’re unhappy with it, Freshdesk makes it easy for you to switch to its software. Their team will help you make the switch over easily.

 With Freshworks Academy, their in-house training service, you can train any member of your team to hit the Freshworks system in no time.

Here’s a summary of the plans and pricing. All rates are based on an annual plan. Therefore, the prices are a bit higher if you go month-to-month.

Sprout — Free

  • Unlimited agents
  • Team collaboration
  • Email ticketing
  • Knowledge base
  • Social ticketing
  • Ticket trend reports

Blossom — $15 per month per agent

  • Automations
  • Helpdesk
  • Collision detection
  • Marketplace apps
  • Business hours
  • SLA management

Garden — $29 per month per agent

  • Time tracking
  • Session replay
  • CSAT survey
  • Performance report
  • Knowledge base with multilingual support

Estate — $49 per month per agent

  • Custom agent roles
  • Automated ticket assignment
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Custom portal
  • Multiple time zones and SLAs

Forest — $109 per month per agent

  • Ticket assignment based on skills
  • Create a testing environment without affecting agents or customers
  • IP Whitelisting
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Extendable API rate limit

Freshdesk has omnichannel add-ons and characteristics for field service management for an extra fee. 

5. Gorgias – The Best Integration with Ecommerce Platforms



In eCommerce, customer service and sales overlap present numerous opportunities to build new, loyal customers. Gorgias is customer service software that extends an array of tools to let you maximize those opportunities.

One of the crucial ways Gorgias does this is through easy integration with three of the most successful eCommerce platforms out there: Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Gorgias extracts customer data, interactions, and order histories from the platform to provide you with an all-encompassing aspect of your performance with customers in all three cases. It lessens the chance that you’re making unnecessary contact with buyers.

It enables you to personalize content heavily, assists you in fixed routine customer service tasks (like common questions or inquiries) on autopilot, and opens up new customer insights through robust machine learning.

Apart from that, Gorgias offers a clean interface for your customer service representatives to organize, address, and follow up on tickets. In addition, it manages communication across channels like SMS, live Chat, social media, and email.

Within the platform are several tools to take benefit of sales opportunities within and following customer service events.

For example, the omnichannel capability of Gorgias empowers your team to engage with customers when they communicate with your ads, social posts, and other material before they even appear on your website. 

Pricing for Gorgias :

Basic — $60 per month

  • Up to 350 tickets/month ($25 add-on for an additional 100)
  • Infinite users
  • Live Chat
  • Up to 150 integrations, including with Shopify and social media platforms

Pro — $300 per month

  • Up to 2,000 tickets/month ($23 add-on for an additional 100)
  • Everything in Basic, plus
  • Set user permissions
  • Magento integration
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Customer surveys
  • Chat campaigns

Advanced — $750 per month

  • Up to 6,000 tickets/month ($14 add-on for an additional 100)
  • Everything in Pro, plus
  • Completely managed onboarding
  • Revenue metrics
  • Team management tools
  • View sharing
  • Dedicated Gorgias Customer Success Manager

All plans’ monthly rates can be reduced by spending annually. That brings the Basic plan down to $50/month, the Pro plan down to $250/month, and the Advanced package down to $625/month.

There is also a custom enterprise tier that can be arranged through discussion with Gorgias.


Each business must prioritize customer service. These are the top 5 customer service software solutions on the market today.

Use this guide to assist you in finding the best customer service software for your business. 

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