Best Auto Dialer Software 2023 | A Comprehensive Guide.

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Best auto dialer software lets you automatically dial numbers from a contact list. When the call gets answered, the software connects the receiver of the call to an agent or recorded message.

Auto dialing software is most commonly used for cold calling sales. Apart from that, it has a wide range of additional use cases for things like emergency notifications, event reminders, debt collection, weather alerts, political campaigns, fundraising, and more.

Without an auto-dialing tool, call center agents are confined to the number of calls they can dial at once. They’re bound to manually dial numbers, wait during the ringing process, and waste precious time on unanswered calls.

By employing auto-dialing software, businesses and sales agents can drastically increase the number of calls done in a day. Representatives will only be connected to people who acknowledge the phone, which is crucial for generating leads.

Overall, auto-dialing software will enhance your entire outbound phone sales process.

How to Get the Best Auto Dialer Software For You?

There are several factors you have to consider while you’re shopping around for auto dialer software. Assess these elements based on the requirements of your business.

1. Ease of Use

The whole idea behind auto dialer software is to enhance your existing process. Your team will be handy to do more calls and producing more leads per hour and per day.

But with that said, if the software isn’t simple to use, it beats the purpose. You don’t require your representatives to spend time fumbling around between screens or calls. That’s not an effective way to run your call center.

All of the auto-dialer software on our list is simple to use. However, some are more comfortable than others. It’s always in your best interest to request a demo or free trial before you commit.

2. Automation Features

Technically, some auto dialer software just routes calls to the next available agent. But that’s not sufficient to dramatically upgrade your process. The best auto dialer software can also route calls, particularly to the right agent or department.

Look for features like automated lead scoring, preview dialing, and other workflow automation.

Are you practicing auto dialer software with pre-recorded voice messages? Make sure your software can automatically detect answering machines and leave messages if you want that option.

3. CRM Integration

Many auto dialer software owns built-in CRM software. This is the best way to handle leads, customers, and contacts at scale.

For those already utilizing an existing CRM solution, make sure the software you’re assessing can integrate with your CRM. Otherwise, getting customer data from one platform to the other will be a nuisance. An integrated experience is the only method to guarantee maximum productivity and efficiency.

4. Price

The price for auto dialer software has a broad range. We’ve seen plans that start at $19 per month per user, and others start at $149 per month per user.

Some plans permit unlimited minutes. Other plans credit per minute but allow for countless agents.

In short, there is no “standard” pricing for auto dialer software. You require to obtain a solution that satisfies your needs at a price that you can afford. Don’t get confused by extra features and costly add-ons that you’ll never use.

Best Auto Dialer Software to Try in 2023

1. contactSPACE — Easiest to Deploy and Use

contactSPACE — Easiest to Deploy and Use


  • Extensive GUIDED SETUP

As a contact center solution, contactSPACE knows that the right software can transform the way agents and representatives work.

Frantically calling contacts, prospects, and customers is not only out-of-date—it’s damaging for your organization relationships that every business builds with them.

Therefore, contactSPACE masters intelligent outbound calling. It helps you reach the right people at the right times so that you can supercharge your sales funnel, limit the leakage caused by not making contact quickly enough, and have faith that each call will drive positive outcomes.

The contactSPACE software is a robust and resilient software that maximizes the insights that you already have into contacts. The target filters feature representatives who order call recipients to organize their everyday workflow. They can also prioritize contacts based on when they entered the pipeline, callback urgency, and custom segmentation of your choice.

The platform enables admins to categorize prospects to meet the best skills of their agents.

The team at contactSPACE puts upfront work for its clients, outlining a successful process to tailor-make its client’s needs and goals. From there, they’ll build a comprehensive onboarding, training, and implementation process that is entirely pain-free for admins and allows a gentle learning curve for reps.

From the testing, training, and deployment support contactSPACE takes care of everything, making their software suitable for your organization. Onboarding new callers will take around two hours, enabling you to plug reps in and get them off and working quickly.

 After setup and deployment, the contact spaces support team will be there to continuously optimize the platform for your needs.

contactSPACE extends four pricing packages that give a wide array of features.

Silver-tier pricing is at $105/user per month, though it is capped at 10 campaigns. The Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages scale upwards—$139/user per month, $175/user per month, and $239/user per month, respectively—with more superior features, but each allows for unlimited campaigns.

2. PhoneBurner — Best Integrated CRM For Call Management


  • $149 PER USER

PhoneBurner has been trusted by 1,500+ businesses, including some popular names like Farmers Insurance and Remax. The cloud-based software can be located from anywhere using VOIP dialing.

The PhoneBurner auto dialer lets businesses improve productivity by up to 400% and makes it possible to reach 60-80 leads per hour.

What makes it unique is the integrated sales CRM of PhoneBurner. The tool makes it simpler for your sales team to handle contacts and campaigns. If you already have your personal CRM, PhoneBurner can smoothly blend with Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, and more. The extensive API makes it possible to combine with basically any CRM software.

Other prime features and advantages of PhoneBurner involve:

  • Email and texting
  • Intelligent lead filtering
  • Unlimited calling campaigns
  • Automatic lead distribution
  • Custom reports and activity snapshots
  • Workflow automation
  • Local caller IDs

Getting started with PhoneBurner is easy. The pricing is about as straightforward as it gets. PhoneBurner costs $149 per user per month. You can save 15% with a yearly contract.

You’ll also get support from free onboarding and white-globe settings with a PhoneBurner dedicated expert. 

3. Five9 — Best-Known Auto Dialer Software

Five9 — Best-Known Auto Dialer Software



Five9 is a world leader in cloud-based call center solutions. It has been trusted by renowned brands like Lululemon, DoorDash, DHL, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Omaha Steaks, Fitbit, and more.

Businesses employing Five9’s auto dialer software witness a 300% hike in connect rates.

Five9 has been giving call center software for about 20 years. Over 2,000 businesses globally trust Five9 for auto-dialing and other features. Every year, Five9 facilitates more than five billion call minutes.

The software provides different dialing modes to suit the needs of your organization. It allows time zones, and list penetration and allows you to customize everything based on your company’s compliance.

Some of the top features of the Five9 auto dialer software involve:

All of these tools make it simple for your team to produce more leads at scale. Moreover, Five9 is an all-in-one contact center solution.

The pricing of Five9 is not available online. Thus, contact their sales team for a custom quote based on features, seats, and usage.

4. ChaseData — Best Auto Dialer Software For Small Businesses



ChaseData extends call center solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes and it’s a great choice for smaller businesses.

Sales and marketing departments trust the software. ChaseData renders industry-specific solutions to small businesses that don’t need a one-size-fits-all deployment. ChaseData is usually used for custom software in the following industries:

  • Financial services
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Banking
  • Home improvement and construction
  • Debt collections
  • Nonprofit
  • Consumer sales
  • B2B and SaaS

So if your small business comes under any of these categories, you can consider ChaseData.

Their plans are particularly designed for low-volume calling, which is ideal for smaller businesses. When your team expands, ChaseData can scale with your organization.

Both preview and progressive dialing are available in the small business plan. Unfortunately, you’ll have to upgrade to the second-tier professional plan to do predictive dialing.

5. CallHub — Best For Nonprofits and Political Phone Banking

CallHub — Best For Nonprofits and Political Phone Banking



CallHub is a one-stop platform for call center software, voice broadcasting software, and SMS marketing software. It’s a popular choice for all kinds of political campaigns and nonprofit organizations in 200+ countries globally.

The software has a wide list of integrations for use-case-specific scenarios, such as Blackbaud Luminate for nonprofits and Nationbuilder for politicians.

CallHub’s automated dialer has predictive dialing, power dialing, preview dialing, and Robo dialing. The robot dialer operates pre-recorded messages, which is a common way to spread your message without relying on live agents.

Extra benefits and features of CallHub include:

  • Local caller ID
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Live call monitoring for quality assurance and training
  • DNC (do not call) enablement
  • Answering machine detection
  • Phone number verification

More than 3,000 organizations and 20,000+ agents employ CallHub. The software allows you pay-as-you-go pricing, starting at $0.021 per call.

While CallHub does have some features that appeal to businesses, such as Salesforce and Zapier integration, it is not recommended for general business use. The software is designed for political campaigns and nonprofits. Business users should look elsewhere.

6. RingCentral — Best For Predictive Dialing


  • 99.999% UPTIME

RingCentral is one of the best call center software, as it has everything you require to manage your call center, including auto dialing, to maximize outbound productivity.

Over 400,000 businesses worldwide trust RingCentral for a broad range of products and services.

RingCentral provides industry-specific solutions for categories like healthcare, tech, financial services, retail, education, and more. It also practices case-specific features for things like cloud phone systems, remote work, contact centers, video conferencing, and tons of other solutions.

RingCentral auto-dialing is the prime benefit of outbound calling services. Its predictive dialing tool is the best in the industry.

With RingCentral, your sales representatives will be well acquainted with quick access to information. The software is simple to use and clarifies the sales process with automated guided engagement flows.

Other highlights of RingCentral’s auto dialer include:

  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Custom campaigns
  • Data integration
  • Safe Dial featuring TCPA compliance
  • Progressive dialer

Despite your industry, business size, or call center requirements, RingCentral will be an outstanding choice for your organization. Contact them today for a free quote.

7. Voicent — Best For Pre-recorded Messages

Voicent — Best For Pre-recorded Messages


  • STARTS AT $19

Voicent has been trusted by thousands of businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in 50+ countries. For over a decade, this platform has offered an all-in-one solution for outbound calls, inbound voice, email, and text software, auto-dialers, marketing automation, and more.

All of the Voicent tools are completely integrated. So you won’t need to deal with any expensive integrations; just plug and play.

Voicent also possesses a built-in CRM to track customers automatically. The software has excellent automation features for tracking and responding to customer communication.

The top auto dialer feature from Voicent is the capacity to blast pre-recorded messages to long lists of contacts. The software can recognize answering machines and leave messages in your voice, as well as a computer-generated voice.

Pre-recorded messages for auto-dialing with Voicent are usually used for:

  • Event notification
  • Weather alerts
  • Bill collection
  • Service pickup and delivery notifications
  • City government enforcement
  • Emergency school notifications

Voicent’s auto dialer is simple to use, scalable, and fully customizable for any use case.

Additional features comprise:

  • Simultaneous calls
  • Text-to-speech
  • Excel spreadsheet list integration
  • Unlimited robocalling

Pricing for Voicent begins at $19 per user per month with a yearly contract. Month-to-month rates start at $29. In addition to the base rate, you’ll pay based on call usage.

While the base package offers everything you require to get started, you’ll have to spend extra for add-ons like inbound call center capabilities, caller ID, workflow automation, and more. This range anywhere from $2 to $99. You can try Voicent for free for 30 days.

8. Nice inContact — Best For Enterprise Call Centers


  • TRUSTED BY 385,000+ AGENTS

Nice inContact is a modern approach to modernizing large-scale contact centers. That platform extends everything you want to operate at scale. It is trusted by big brands, like Honeywell, that have 4,000+ agents alone.

Moreover, it has tools like traditional dialing, autodialer, and call center software; Nice inContact has tools for performance management, workforce management, quality management, CRM integration, and more.

You’ll also get benefited from an interactive tool for KPI benchmarking to see how your organization stacks up against similar call centers.

85+ Fortune 100 companies rely on Nice inContact. The platform supports 385,000+ agents globally in over one hundred countries.

Nice inContact has been about for 15 years and boasts a 99% uptime guarantee.

Other highlights include:

  • Automatic call distribution
  • Predictive dialing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Customer surveys
  • Call recording
  • CRM integrations
  • Interactive voice response

Like most business software, pricing for Nice inContact is not available online. Contact their team for a free quote.


Today, in this guide, we have seen some of the best auto dialer software available in the market.

If you need an autodialer platform that’s ready to set up and simple to onboard your agents, go with contactSPACE.

PhoneBurner is also one of the great options. They nailed the mark for everything we look for in this category. With that said, there are lots of other great alternatives.

If you are looking for a trusted name in the category, then Five9 is an established software provider that extends all the features you’ll need.

ChaseData is ideal for small businesses. If you manage a nonprofit or political campaign, CallHub will be the best choice for you.

Voicent is best for auto-dialling with pre-recorded messages. Employ RingCentral for predictive dialing and Nice inContact for enterprise call centers.

Despite your industry, business size, or call center needs, there’s a choice for everyone in this guide.

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