10 Profitable Business Ideas in India With Low Investment in 2023

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Starting your own company can be a challenging endeavor. However, one of the most wonderful feelings in the world is no longer having to adhere to the mundane and monotonous 9-5 office routine and being able to make your own decisions. However, not everyone can realize their dream of running a business due to a lack of funds. But that is no longer the case! With various low-investment company ideas that also offer high profits, you can now start your own business and turn your passion into a career. So, in this blog, we have compiled the top 10 profitable business ideas in India that can help you make money.

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas in India.

1. Food Catering Business

Everybody enjoys a good dinner. Catering service for meals is constantly in high demand. Catering is available for different types of occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries, and caterers are in great demand to ensure that the food provided is delicious. To prepare, serve, distribute, and handle logistics for a food catering business, all you need is a kitchen and a few staff. 

Have you ever imagined yourself as the owner of a restaurant empire? You might start with a food catering company because it is a low-risk, high-reward endeavor. You may take out a loan to fund your Capex investments and build a great company over time. A catering business will always be in demand, given our country’s festivities, traditions, and events throughout the year. It is one of India’s top modest investment opportunities. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in india.

2. Fitness Centres

Over 65% of India’s population is under 35 years old. Young people are health-conscious, and many of them are members of a gym or fitness center. They like coming to the gym to get some exercise and burn some calories. There are many fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people among the remaining 35%. A fitness center can be owned by anybody who has completed fitness training. The land, as well as the infrastructure and equipment, are available for rent or purchase. 

People prefer to go to the gym at different times throughout the day. Thus the facility may be used for up to 16 hours each day. The idea of opening a fitness center is a low-cost business opportunity. Even if the individual who wants to operate this center cannot afford it, he has several options for obtaining a small business loan. It’s a very successful business concept since fitness center customers find it difficult to keep coming to the gym on a regular basis, yet the majority of them pay an annual subscription.

3. Handcrafted Products

Handmade products are one of the top 10 profitable business ideas in India. Craftsmen have been able to broaden their horizons by turning from artists to professionals thanks to the internet and technological improvements. Unlike retail stores, which source their products from a variety of sources, handcrafted businesses create everything from scratch. Their major objective is to give clients a level of personalization that no other firm can match.

You have the opportunity to establish a unique business whether you manufacture candles, soaps, ceramics, or even sauces. Product creation and procurement are truly in your hands here.

Candles, for example, aren’t solely used in the case of a power outage any longer. They are now more commonly given as gifts for various occasions and are more of a home décor item. Customers choose to purchase candles for various reasons. They prefer to buy goods that are one-of-a-kind and personalized. Other items are in a similar situation.

You can start with a small quantity or on a pre-order basis until you have a steady stream of customers. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in india.

4. Social Media Agency

Almost all businesses seek to sell their products digitally in this day and age of fierce competition. They are prepared to spend large sums of money on advertising via different digital platforms as well as sponsored social media postings and campaigns.

Starting a social media agency might be a great small business idea if you have a solid grasp of marketing, branding, communication, social media, and online presence management. You might begin your company by aiding other companies in developing a great web presence.

To begin, all you need are a few computers, a few trained people, and an office. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in india.

5. Sell a Service

Your time is the inventory of a service-based firm. It’s also your most important investment. To get started with this business concept, you’ll need a skill that is in high demand and may be valuable to others.

Writing, blogging, web design, photography, fitness training, and calligraphy are all skills that may be converted into a business. To increase your chances of getting discovered by individuals needing your skills, you may join various freelance markets. Your social media profiles may also help you promote and share the news to the fullest degree feasible. Without question, it is the best business to start.

6. Dropshipping

These days, dropshipping is one of the most successful small business ideas. It is a form of retail fulfillment in which you may operate an Internet business without having to hold any inventory. As a result, you don’t have to spend any money on inventory and may start a business with a small budget.

When a transaction is completed, the things are purchased from a third party and delivered to the consumer directly. Simply, you complete a transaction, transmit the order to the supplier, and he sends it on your behalf to the client. As a consequence, you won’t need to keep or manage stockpiles. You may save both time and money using it.

Products from several suppliers can be selected. However, it is recommended that you acquire a sample product from the supplier to confirm that he is trustworthy and that the quality of the items matches the online shop.

You don’t have to worry about buying or keeping goods when you use the dropshipping strategy. You may focus only on the online store’s marketing and customer service. Notably, the trustworthiness of your shop will be determined by the level of service you provide and the order fulfillment approach you use. To achieve commercial success, you must keep an eye on both.

It’s a low-cost business concept that allows you to test the market and determine which is the best before investing in and selling your own items. Thus, making it one of the top 10 profitable business ideas in India. You can use Salehoo for dropshipping. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in india.

7. Courier Company

Starting a business in the courier sector, which is one of India’s fastest-growing businesses, is yet another low-cost, high-profit venture. A recent shift in the eCommerce industry has undoubtedly helped the courier service industry’s rapid growth. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in india.

Instead of beginning a business from the ground up, which may be expensive, you could consider buying a franchise from a well-known courier firm. Many reputable courier firms are selling franchises at a low cost. You’d also get access to their IT infrastructure, as well as training and development.

8. Online Fashion Boutique

The fashion and leisure business in India is booming as individuals become more fashion-conscious. By the end of 2025, India’s online fashion commerce is estimated to reach USD 111.40 billion. As a result, an online fashion store is a tiny but successful business concept to investigate.

To enjoy fashion, you don’t have to be a fashion designer. Put your sense of style up for sale on the internet to make money! Because it is so simple to start, an online fashion store is one of the best low-investment business ideas. It is feasible to start it from your own house. You may curate items from many merchants utilizing your online store (using the dropshipping model). You may even design and build everything yourself. Pick a niche and create a brand around it.

Build your brand around single or numerous product areas, ranging from dresses to accessories, footwear to jewelry. The quality of the items, as well as customer service and fulfillment tactics, will all play a part. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in india.

9. Computer Training Centre

We live in an era when computer literacy and expertise are in high demand. If a person has a basic understanding of how to operate a computer and how to deal with simple tools like the Microsoft Office suite of programs – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – their chances of finding a job are significantly increased. As a result, there is a high need for knowledge of computers, programming, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, IoT, and so on. Are you an expert in this field? If so, you can open a training center with an internet connection, a few PCs, and teaching aids like whiteboards and projectors. Because the firm is knowledge-driven, a further investment beyond the initial CAPEX outlay is minimal. A large return may be generated on a little initial investment by running many batches for college students, working professionals, and so on. Furthermore, a small company loan is readily available for such efforts. For a business loan, go to Lendingkart.com.

10. Event/ Wedding Planner

Weddings have always been fashionable. Whether the economy is booming or crashing, there is always a market for weddings. To make matters worse, weddings can range from “big fat Indian weddings” to small gatherings. To put things in perspective, the Indian wedding business was valued at over $50 billion in 2017 (about 33,000 crores), and it is predicted to grow at a rate of 20% each year.

This is a fantastic opportunity for wedding planners, as they can ensure that wedding themes, planners, decorators, and caterers are in place, as well as that the whole wedding ceremony is thoroughly planned and organized. It involves an initial financial commitment in staff, logistics, and preparations, which may be funded through various small company loan options.

While the initial investment is little, the potential rewards as the company expands are significant. It is one of the most profitable business ideas in india.

Final Words

With over 63,100 recognized start-ups and 88 unicorns as of February 2023, India is the world’s third-largest start-up center. The data shows Indians’ readiness towards starting their own businesses. They look for small, profitable top company ideas that would pay well since they wish to start their own business. So, you might want to explore starting your own business with these low-cost, high-profit business ideas. All that is required is a decent thought. And, if done right, you may be the proud owner of one of India’s most successful small businesses. Now earn more with these top 10 profitable business ideas in India.

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