A Guide On The Best Reseller Hosting Plans

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Today, If we talk about our daily routines, Best reseller hosting plans we’ll find out that “Internet Time” makes the most out of it. In this Internet Era, many prefer to look for something on the internet first as almost everything is available online, All they need to do is search, and tons of websites will appear in front of them. 

Therefore every enterprise from small to big is trying to secure a place on it by creating a website for their brands for different purposes such as advertising or online selling to grow better.

As the internet’s competition is literally on the next level and anyone who doesn’t like to compromise, will want his website to be better than others, and Here having a good web hosting service can make a difference for him.

Nowadays, when web hosting service is increasing, many people think about opening their own web hosting companies. Still, the worry of managing complex hardware and software plus other expensive costs associated with managing servers and hosting facilities make them drop their idea of having a web hosting company.

And here, Reselling Hosting comes role as the best alternative for those who want to open their own web hosting company. 

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What is Reseller Hosting?

In Reseller Hosting, A web hosting provider company rents its service of drive space and bandwidth to another company (small-mid size), who further rents that service to third parties such as entrepreneurs and small businesses.

In simple words, Reseller hosting enables you to provide web hosting to whatever companies you want as a web hosting company without taking any major responsibility.

Reselling Hosting is the best option for those web developers and designers who want to include additional services to their brand as they are already working for their clients in the market. Therefore they can easily sell out their hosting service to them, which will benefit both the web developers and the clients.

In Reseller hosting, You’ll have the authority to set the hosting prices for your clients. As long as you pay your web hosting provider their monthly fee, there is no limit to what you can charge, and hence you’ll buy hosting service at wholesale rates, there’s a great possibility for you to make a substantial profit margin.

As there are several Reseller Hosting providers and plans available in the market, It can be confusing for you to choose one of them, therefore. In this blog, we are going to review the best reselling hosting plans out there.

The Best Reseller Hosting Providers And Plans:

  • InMotion Hosting: Offers the most cost-effective reseller hostings plans 
  • HostGator: Provides Reseller hosting plans with lots of features.
  • GreenGeeks: Environment safety is the priority; it works in an eco-friendly manner.
  • A2 Hosting: Offers the best support service.
  • HostPapa: Known best for the beginners  

After conducting extensive research based on various factors such as Uptime, Help & Support, Pricing, Disk space, Bandwidth, and some other features, we have found HostGator, GreenGeeks, InMotion, A2 Hosting, and HostPapa as the best Reseller providers with the best plans.

All of the above Reseller Hosting providers we’ve mentioned:

  • Offers Unlimited domains: So that your clients’ accounts can be set up their domains at no additional cost.
  • Provides white label services: Allow you to create a branded client panel so that your clients see your logo and branding, not your Reseller hosting providers.
  • cPanel and WHM Included:  So that you can manage your hosting account efficiently, and if anytime you want to transfer to another provider, then it can be done easily.

But nothing in this world is perfect; each and everything has some strong and weak points. The same thing applies to Reseller hosting providers. Each comes with its strengths and weaknesses, which we’re going to cover in the future.

Top 5 Best Reseller Hosting Plans to Know in 2023

1. InMotion Hosting plan – Most Cost-Effective

  • Price Range : $15.39 – $94.94 per month (Introductory pricing)
  • Client accounts : 25 – Unlimited, depending on the plan
  • Disk space : 80GB – 260GB
  • Bandwidth : 800GB – 6TB
  • Uptime performance: 99.7%
  • Free backups: YES
  • Money-back guarantee: Offered for 90 days

Why should anyone go for InMotion Reseller Hosting Service?

As per multiple surveys, Price is the most important factor in decision-making for around half of the people who think of buying a Reseller Hosting service. The great possibility is that the same will be true for the clients coming to you for their hosting plans. It is one of the best reseller hosting plans.

As we’ve mentioned that Inmotion provides you with the most cost-effective Reseller hosting plans. Indeed, Inmotion doesn’t provide you with the cheapest plan, but it does provide you with the worth the money plans. The thing which makes Inmotion appealing for your customers is that it offers the highest disk space and very high bandwidth levels at a lower price. 

With InMotion, you’ll also be provided a free domain reseller account with all Reseller hosting plans; this way, you’ll have an additional way of generating income for yourself.

One thing which makes Inmotion different is unlike other web hosting providers that offer three or four Reseller hosting plans, InMotion offers six. With the highest number of plans, It becomes the most scalable option; You can simply begin with the cheapest plan and upgrade gradually whenever the need comes.

With InMotion, You’ll get great customer support with 24/7 live chat and phone support, besides an email and ticketing system. InMotion also provides you an easy exit from their service if you don’t want to continue with them. With the longest money-back guarantee period at 90 days, You can easily request to refund your money within those 90 days.

Where does it lag?

While InMotion provides you great features with High disk space and bandwidth, it does offer comparatively fewer client accounts on its starting cheaper plans. For its starting plans, take R-2000S; for example, you need to pay $ 21.99/month, and you’ll get up to 50 client accounts. Let’s compare these to another Reseller hosting provider, such as HostGator, which offers unlimited client accounts for less money. You can see this is a bit of a compromise.

InMotion guarantees you 99.7% uptime, which is generally considered good but still isn’t the highest compared to others. Indeed, the projected downtime only amounts to several hours, but when you calculate smartly by applying this to all your clients, then you’ll see the value of the additional 0.01%.

2) HostGator – Known For Best Features

  • Price Range: $19.95 – $24.95 (Introductory Pricing)
  • Client Accounts: Unlimited
  • Disk Space : 60GB-250GB
  • Bandwidth : 650GB – 2500GB
  • UpTime : 99.98%
  • Free Backups: No, Extra charges
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offered For 45 days

Why should anyone go for HostGator? 

With 99.98% Uptime performance, HostGator offers you a higher uptime guarantee than most of the Reseller hosting providers on the list.

Here, you might not get much impressed by that 0.01% uptime, but even a few hours of downtime for your clients will put you in an anxious situation. Therefore this is a huge advantage for your company.

In HostGator reseller hosting plans or services, you don’t have to worry about the number of client accounts as you’ll have unlimited client accounts in every plan. 

However, It’s also true that despite unlimited client accounts, you’re ultimately bound by the disk space and bandwidth limits. Therefore, you can create a huge value out of a HostGator account by selling accounts to clients with small and static sites with low demands. 

Just as InMotion, HostGator also offers you an extra way of generating income by providing a free domain reseller account with each reseller hosting plan.

If we talk about Customer support service, then we can say HostGator won’t disappoint you as it has a strong customer support service, with help on offer 24/7 over the phone or live chat.

One special thing about HostGator is its concern for the environment’s safety. It is one of the greenest hosting providers, which has offset its carbon emissions by 130%. It is one of the best reseller hosting plans.

Where does it lag?

HostGator leaves everyone behind when it comes to features and uptime, but still, we’ve put it in second place. Why?

The one downside of HostGator is its less-than-simple backup policy. Most of the Reseller providers in the market offer free backups, but with HostGator, that’s not the case; it does backup automatically weekly, or you can request an individual back for $25 a time.

It’s not on top of the world but could potentially add up quite quickly.

3) GreenGeeks Hosting plan – Environment safety is the priority

  • Client Accounts: Up to 80
  • Disk space: 60GB – 160GB
  • Bandwidth: 600GB – 1600GB
  • UpTime Performance: 99.8%
  • Free Backups: One free per month ( $25 for additional backups)
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offered for 30 days

Why should anyone go for GreenGeeks Hosting plans?

As we all understand how much the environment’s safety is important for all of us as there is no future ahead for our upcoming generations if our environment is in danger. 

GreenGeeks also shares the same concerns regarding the environment; they leverage renewable energy to power their hosting plan service equipment. They put back triple the amount of energy they use via renewable energy by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

While selling web hosting plans space, you can use this point to your advantage by convincing your clients how they can contribute to the environment’s safety by using your hosting space.

With a 99.8% uptime guarantee, it enjoys the first position with HostGator in surveys. To help you whenever the need comes, it provides you with strong help and supports services around the clock and live chat, and the plans it offers are worth every penny of yours. It is one of the best reseller hosting plans.

Where does it lag?

For any website to work fast, having the required bandwidth is essential. Bandwidth is vital for determining how quickly a website opens on a browser. Therefore if you have clients who need ample bandwidth, then GreenGeeks might not be the best choice for you.

Keeping in mind, Inmotion and HostGator Bandwidth offer up to 6TB and 2500 GB respectively on their highest plans, GreenGeeks bandwidth offers of just 600GB, 800GB, and 1600GB disappoints us a bit.

GreenGeeks gives its users one free backup per month, which is fine though many reselling Hosting plans provide unlimited free backups every month.

4) A2 Hosting plans or services- Offers the best support service

  • Price Range: $17.01 – $63.08 (Introductory Pricing)

*Here, we’ve converted prices mentioned in INR into Dollars. Client Accounts – 40 to 100

  • Disk Space: 30GB to 200GB
  • Bandwidth: 400GB to 2000GB
  • Uptime performance: 99.95%
  • Free Backups: Yes
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offered for 30 days

Why should anyone go for A2 Hostings?

Speed and reliability are two of the most crucial constituents in web hosting plans, and A2 Hosting ensures that its clients get both of them at an affordable cost; these make A2 Hosting a good choice for those who want quality service in a low-to-mid-price range. It is one of the best reseller hosting plans.

With 99.95 % uptime performance, It ensures that the server hosting your websites is up and running most of the time.

As the significance of having good help and support is great, A2 hostings offer you all the support you’ll want around the clock across phones, live chat, and email.

Where does it lag?

If we compare its uptime performance of 99.95% to our featured Reselling hosting providers, we’ll notice that it gives you more downtime than them, which matters considerably.

The second downside of A2 Hosting is its least scalability. With the lowest 

For disk space and bandwidth, A2 Hosting is the least scalable provider on this list. Therefore, when your business grows and you need to increase your capacity, you’ll find there’s a cap on what you can accomplish compared to other providers.

5) HostPapa Hosting – Known best for beginners

  • Price Range : $29.99 – $119.99 per month
  • Client Accounts: 20 to 60
  • Disk Space : 50GB to 250GB
  • Bandwidth : 500 GB to 2.5 TB
  • Uptime performance: 99.95%
  • Free Backups: For a limited number of domains
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offered for 30 days

Why should anyone go for HostPapa Hosting?

By featuring HostPapa in the last on this list, we don’t mean to say that it’s not good for your business; what we mean is that HostPapa is our fifth best Reselling hosting service provider. And it does “okay” when compared to the other above four providers. As we’ve already mentioned that everything has its strengths and weaknesses, so does HostPapa hosting provider.

Well, One of the best advantages of choosing a Hostpapa reseller hosting provider is that its plans are designed to cater to both beginner and medium-level business owners. It is one of the best reseller hosting plans.

Where does it lag? 

When it comes to “The best reseller hosting plans,” we must compare one Reseller hosting provider to another and tell you individuals’ strong and weak points. It never means that the best reseller hosting provider will work 100% for you; it all depends on compatibility.

For some people, HostPapa might work well, and for some, not. Now when we’ve already talked enough about Uptime performance’s significance, it won’t be wrong to say that HostPapa’s uptime performance (Same as A2 Hosting) disappoints us.

HostPapa also needs to increase its customer help and support service hours as currently, it doesn’t provide 24/7 support either by phone or live chat. When any reseller hosting plans a company provides its service throughout the world, it must ensure that it can help its clients around the clock as hosting problems don’t conveniently fit into any limited office hours.

Unlike other top four providers, HostPapa only offers billing software with its three most expensive plans, which is a blow to your logistics as you have to purchase billing software at an extra cost if you’re thinking of choosing its two cheapest plans.

And the last thing HostPapa only allows free backups to a certain number of domain names is something you might not like as our three out of five providers offer free backups across the board.


We hope now you can choose which of the best reseller hosting plans will fulfill your needs and produce the best results for your business. 

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