07 Ways to Effectively Promote Referral Programs

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You’ve created a referral program. Now it’s time to launch and promote. We give you 07 different ways to effectively promote referral programs to ensure their success.

Use These Ways to Effectively promote Referral programs

With these techniques, you can easily make your referral game up.

1. Use email marketing to promote your program

Use a well-crafted email to introduce a new referral program or remind customers of an existing one.

For example, Casper, the popular bed-in-a-box brand, sends an email a few days after purchase and offers a “Give $50, Get $50” referral promotion.

2. Share reviews as social proof to effectively promote a referral program

Social proof works especially well when someone is close to joining a referral program, but may need a little nudge.

For example, they may be on your referral landing page or reading your referral flyer. 

Seeing so many others raving about your brand could be just the encouragement they need to sign up.

3. Add social share buttons

Social share buttons effectively promote referral programs referring others process is much easier and quicker for your customers. 

Instead of having to copy and paste a referral link from one page to another, customers can simply choose their preferred platform and initiate the referral process at the click of a button.

4. Feature referral programs on your homepage

A feature banner or image makes sure all your visitors are able to find the referral program front and center.

For example, Merrell, a company known for its high-performance hiking boots, keeps a constant banner promoting its referral program on the sidebar and footer of its home page.

5. Create an effective referral program landing page

Every referral program should have its own referral program page. 

It should explain the program rewards and benefits, referral mechanics, and any other details.

The referral link (in every newsletter) brings subscribers to a page with more information, images of the rewards, and ways to refer others.

6. Promote post-purchase messaging

Your customers are usually at their happiest and most engaged with your brand immediately after making a purchase.

Make the most of this post-purchase high by promoting your referral program.

7. Include the program on customer pages to effectively promote a referral program

In some cases, your customers may spend a lot of time on their user account pages (i.e., SaaS companies, and platforms).

This makes it a perfect place to promote your referral program. If customers see an enticing referral program promotion every time they log in, they’ll be more inclined to join.

Wrap up

Promoting referral programs has become imperative as it will engage more people, thus further enhancing the chance of getting conversions. Therefore read this post precisely and understand the importance of referral marketing promotion.

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