Best Shopify Apps for Reports are Listed

Better Reports –

Better Reports is a robust app that empowers store owners to analyze sales performance.

Report Pundit –

Report Pundit includes over 50 pre-built reports to analyze customer behavior and inventory data. 

Metorik –

Metorik goes beyond just tracking your store’s sales and customer data. 

Conversific –

Conversific is an all-in-one analytics platform that provides actionable insights to grow your eCommerce store.

Shopify Custom Report –

This app lets you craft custom reports with a data query tool.

Compass –

Compass is an innovative reporting tool that empowers store owners with quick access to essential KPIs. 

Segments Analytics and Reports –

It offers robust segmentation tools, which help you filter your data 

Ako Reports –

With Ako Reports, store owners get over 150 report templates to measure sales performance.