10 Best Shopify Apps For Geolocation

This app allows merchants to automatically redirect their visitors to the most relevant webpage based on their location.

1. GeoIP Country Redirect:

2. Traffic Guard:

The Traffic Guard app is revolutionizing the way we navigate busy streets and highways.

3. IP2Location:

IP2Location is a powerful tool for anyone looking to identify the geographical location of an IP address.

4. Geolocation Redirect:

This app can redirect them to designated pages based on their location, making the user experience even more personalized.

5. Geolocation by Nextsense:

With Nextsense’s intuitive and reliable geolocation app, online retailers can take their business to the next level and connect with customers from all corners of the world.

6. Geoip Product Blocker:

It works by detecting and blocking fraudulent online activity before it can occur.

7. Cozy country redirect:

It that takes your business global! With this powerful tool, your customers can effortlessly access their favorite native stores.

8. Local Delivery Rates by Zapiet:

Zapiet allows you to easily set up delivery zones based on your customers’ locations.

9. Store Locator by Bold:

The Store Locator app by Bold is one of the best Shopify apps for geolocation. 

10. Geolocation-ORBE:

Geolocation-ORBE is designed to provide recommendations to your customers based on their native country.