How to Make Money    on Social Media

1. Choose a platform

One of the basic yet crucial steps is to set up profiles on multiple social media networks.

2. Know your worth

According to a study, 80% of influencers state that sponsored content is their primary income source, and it gets ranked higher than advertisements and affiliate links.

3. Join a network   for influencers

Another great way to earn money on social media is by connecting with influencers. For instance, you share a lot of content related to yoga and holistic health on your social media profiles

4. Boost your engagement rates

If you want to demonstrate yourself as more appealing, then you have to showcase how good your engagement rate is with your followers.

5.  Promote your        services

You must get an idea of how to make money on social media, and for that, you do not need to sell any products. However,  you can still sell your services.