7 Tips to Improve        Customer  Satisfaction Using        Chatbot

1. Make it easy for customers to find your Chatbot

Your customers should know that you have a chatbot in the first place. Only then will they use it. The foremost thing to do is to design a visually pleasing homepage.

2.  Keep   conversation      intuitive

Your chatbot should be able to strike seamless conversations. There should be an effortless progression of responses and ideas in its interactions.

3. Leverage NLP         and ML

People can ask the same question in many different ways. For instance, a visitor who is looking to buy shoes may ask if they o following queries –  “Men’s shoes”, “Shoes for men”.

4. Make chatbots more empathetic

Though chatbots are helpful and efficient in various cases, their lack of empathy can make it difficult for users to express their emotions during interactions.

5. Use them for      real-time communication

Chatbots are great tools for real  time conversations Employ them for answering queries, providing feedback and information