13 Best Shopify Apps for Affiliates.

1. InviteReferral

InviteReferrals is a powerful and user-friendly referral marketing platform that helps businesses boost their customer base and revenue streams.

2. Refersion

Refersion allows affiliates to customize their links without coding knowledge, making it easier than ever to promote products on multiple channels.

3. AffilaitePlus

This app offers comprehensive management options for affiliates, enabling them to track sales from multiple sources in one place. 

4. Tapfiliate

You’ll benefit from gamification features such as leaderboards which motivate users by rewarding performance in a fun way.

5. Fera

It will help maximize your ROI on each sale by automatically optimizing each individual user’s shopping experience according to their unique profile.

6. Ambassador

With Ambassador , you can set up detailed reward tiers , customize multi-level referral campaigns , generate reports on customer lifetime value  CLV.

7. Impact Radius

The app provides advanced analytics capabilities plus solutions like fraud protection , dynamic commissioning structures and optimization tools.

8 . Post Affiliate Pro

With Post Affiliate Pro’s powerful suite of features , merchants can easily manage large -scale affiliate programs regardless of size or complexity.

9 . Leadpage

Leadpages is a great way for shop owners to increase sales via referral programs by offering special incentives such as discounts or bonus rewards points.

10. Lootly

This intuitive system allows shop owners create points -based loyalty schemes enabling customers accumulate points over time.

11. Connectio

They provide various creative options such as exclusive discount codes product recommendations targeted emails enhanced search functions etc. 

12. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy makes viral growth easy by allowing merchants create automated referral campaigns that encourage customers share deals with friends and family.

13. Smile

Smile’s suite of tools offer everything needed today’s digital marketer build successful loyalty programs including advanced segmentation and etc.