Strategies to Develop a Go to market strategy

1. Recognizing the buying center and personas.

It is the first thing you need to figure out while preparing your product for the market is to consider your customer.

 2. Create a value matrix to help identify messaging.

A value matrix categorizes every buying center persona, their business problems, and how your product helps solve those problems.

 3. Test your messaging.

Once your purpose matrix is in place, it’s time to test your messaging. Start promoting on marketing platforms using the messages you’ve just built for various audience members.

4. Optimize your ads 

Next, optimize your audience. Some ad platforms have highly targeted audience settings for advertisers

5. Analyze and shorten the sales cycle.

Finally, track how long-drawn your sales cycle is. This is the amount of time it takes for an event to enter the sales funnel and change to a closed/won deal.