1. Make Sure Everyone Understands About the Conference Call

Conference calls usually take longer, which is why everyone requires to clear their schedules before hopping on a call.

2. Connect More Phone Numbers

Google Voice users can use any other phone number to make and receive calls and texts. However, while you can link up to six different phone numbers,

3.Customize Day-to-Day Workflows

Google Voice can be excellent for customizing daily workflows around scheduled conference calls.

4. Detect and Deflect Spam

Nobody likes spam calls—not me, not you. However, they’ve become an everyday occurrence with an increasing number of scammers and spammers utilizing spam to get your personal information.

5. Record Calls for Future Use

Google Voice has a useful call recording feature that works with a single click. All you need to do is press the number 4 on your dial pad once all the participants are on call.