SEO PowerSuite Review: Is this suite Worthy of Your Time and Money?

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You may find SEO intimidating if you have not owned the right toolset. You can’t do SEO if you have not had many tools at your disposal. If you are looking for the best SEO software suite, SEO PowerSuite review is the best available option for any OS today, Mac, Windows, or Linux. Remember, Cloud apps are not for everyone.

Cloud apps that provide the same features as SEO PowerSuite come at the premium price of around $100/month. In this Seo PowerSuite review, we will be looking at the SEO software suite and discussing its features, pros and cons, and many more.

What we will cover in this SEO PowerSuite review:

  1. What is Seo Powersuite? Its pros and cons.
  2. Apps that Seo Powersuite comprises.
  3. Search Safety Settings
  4. Pricing
  5. FAQs
  6. Wrapping it up

Let’s move forward and know more about it.

1. What is SEO Powersuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a suite of SEO tools that are packed as a bundle. It combines four apps –SEO Spyglass, Rank Tracker, Link Assistant, and the Website Auditor. All these software are available for both Windows and Mac.

Let’s review these tools one by one and see all the features that these apps have to offer you.


  • It combines 4+ apps as a complete SEO solution
  • Apps are cross-platform compatible and sync smoothly
  • It comes with an excellent TF/IDF feature for semantic SEO
  • It comes with loads of features
  • It comes at a one-off fee, unlike other tools


  • It can be very slow as it’s not entirely a cloud app
  • To get a handful of features, SEO Powersuite requires you to have a search algo subscription

Now, let’s see the most important aspect of this Seo PowerSuite Review.

2. Apps that Seo Powersuite Comprises

2.1 Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is the tool that allows you to track your search rankings for keywords. The manual tracking of the keyword rank is just not worthwhile when you own more than one site and have a number of keywords to track.

First of all, there are some reasons why you should consider tracking your keyword rankings over time.

  1. To allow you to know whether the SEO efforts you are making are yielding results for you.
  2. To help you understand if the rankings have sunk due to any penalty. By this, you can quickly locate the offending post and do the necessary things before things go out of your control.
  3. To keep you moved by quantifying your efforts.

For utilizing this app, you first have to enter the site URL you want to track. After you enter the URL of the website, you need to track the keywords; you will have the option to enter the list of keywords you desire to track.

 After that hit next, you can choose the search engines among Google, Bing, and Yahoo to track the rankings.

The tool will reveal the rankings of your site for the keywords you specified. You can track your site progress in terms of rankings over time in the form of a chart or a history.

The tool will also let you determine the keyword difficulty by examining the link profile and on-page SEO factors of the top 10 results ranking in Google.

 The competitive score will be quite accurate and almost comparable to tools like LongTailPro and KWFinder.

The next most important thing in keyword research is manually adding keywords for keyword research. The SEO PowerSuite pulls out relevant keywords from Google Keyword Planner, Search Console, SEMrush, Yandex search, Autocomplete, related searches, Yahoo, Search assist, Analytics, and three other services and techniques.

For each keyword, you will get KEI, which stands for Keyword Efficiency Index. KEI mathematical division of the square of the search volume over the competitive score.

SEO Powersuite has recently introduced Keyword Gap analysis which assists you in finding the competitors’ SEO keywords you don’t rank for. It is one of the most powerful features present in high-end SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Overall, the SEO PowerSuite performs quite well by enabling you to carry out the keyword research properly.

All these features the Rank Tracker app has prepared to offer you.

SEO Powersuite Server-Side Keyword Analysis Database is now available. It has the freshest record of the number of Searches and Competition stats, and you don’t need to join your Google Ads account to get access to all the data.

Rank Tracker also accumulates keywords in organic search results from local regions, which is an additional benefit of local SEOs.

2.2 SEO SpyGlass

Let see about the second tool in the line SEO SpyGlass in this section.

Once you insert the URL, the tool will pick you up on the backlinks for the domain.

You can also combine powerful filters to the report to get the most important backlinks of your competitors that are relevant for you.

This tool has several features, like In link score, penalty score, and backlink traffic.

  • Inlink indicates the quality of the backlink. It is based on the quantity and quality of the backlinks.
  • The penalty score is also determined based on the backlink quality that a backlink must possess, and it is inversely proportional to the inlink score.

These two are crucial metrics in deciding whether the backlinks you are getting are high-quality or damaging for your site’s future.

Another feature of SEO SpyGlass is the domain comparison feature. It allows you to compare a domain in your project with five other domains in terms of the backlink profile and other relevant metrics. With this feature, you quickly learn about the areas you have to focus on to obtain a competitive edge over your competitors.

The next useful feature is “Link Intersection.” This tool assists you in finding the backlinks that are common in some domains. With this, you’ll identify all the backlinks your competitors are making, and you aren’t.

Like other tools, you can also produce backlink reports for backlink details, domain comparison, and others.

SEO Spyglass can now utilize the Bulk Analysis tool and at the same time analyze relevant backlink metrics for up to 200 domains. It is an excellent feature for scaling up your link-building efforts.

These are some of the important features that SEO SpyGlass has to offer you.

2.3  LinkAssistant

LinkAssistant allows you to carry out your link-building process effectively. It lets you quickly locate low-hanging link prospect ideas.

As with any of the tools of SEO PowerSuite, you need to first enter the domain URL to which you want to build links and find prospects.

The LinkAssistant will extract a huge list of the sites in your niche to build links easily.

If you are not happy with the link prospects LinkAssistant returns to you, you can find prospects utilizing the “look for prospects” feature.

In the next step, you have to enter some keywords that are related to your niche. For example, to find prospects for your blog, you can insert the keywords like – Blogging, SEO, and WordPress.

Once you perform these steps, LinkAssistant will show you the low-hanging link prospect opportunities in front of you to utilize.

You can also drag in the prospect quality factors like social shares, domain inlink score (how reliable a prospect is), and domain age of your prospect URLs. LinkAssistant lets you pull the email address of some of the link prospects. There’s an option for you to shoot the email right inside the dashboard.

Before forwarding any emails within the dashboard, you have to first enter the POP3 settings for the LinkAssistant to send and get your emails.

Once you have done with the email settings, you can send outreach emails to the prospects directly inside the app.

The LinkAssistant also gives you plenty of email templates for you to use.

You can further schedule the emails that need to be sent on a particular date and time. This job will be scheduled in the SEO PowerSuite cloud, and you do not need to do anything from your end.

LinkAssistant additionally has an inbuilt browser for you to manually collect the prospect URLs and a fill-in feature that enables you to build links fast.

2.4 Website Auditor

Website Auditor is an excellent app for you to audit your web page regarding on-page SEO and crawling.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that this app has got to offer you.

First, you have to enter your website URL in the project.

Once you insert the URL, this app will crawl the page and give you relevant data about on-page SEO, open graph data, social media, and page traffic.

As an overview, you’ll see the internal links and the outbound links present in the URL you inserted while creating an audit project.

The app also examines whether the page complies with some of the best SEO practices. It monitors your page with 30 on-page SEO speed factors and lets you identify what you can do to resolve the SEO issues (if there are any).

It also displays you with a list of external links and internal links on your page. 

It allows you to quickly identify whether the links on your page are broken. This kind of broken link-checking is light on servers, unlike broken link-checking WordPress plugins that crash the servers.

In the “Page Audit” section, you can review your content against your target keywords and whether you comply with the keyword optimization best practices.

Utilizing the content editor, you can update the content on your page on the front end, striving to get a higher SEO score.

After making the required changes, you can keep the file and upload it or the content to your website to raise the on-page SEO of your content.

Another feature that this tool extends is the TF-IDF feature, and it stands for “frequency-inverse document frequency formula.”

 It pulls all the unique keywords you’ve mentioned in the article and shows you the count of the top 10 ranking sites that have also applied the same terms.

The app also provides you recommendations to use the keywords that your competitors are utilizing, but you cannot get an SEO competitive edge.

This feature is absolutely fantastic for making LSI keywords research. Instead of scouring your competitor pages for the further semantic keywords, they’ve employed, this feature by Site Auditor is a hassle-free way to ensure that you incorporate all the keywords that your top SERP competitors have added in the content.

This is our favorite feature when it comes to the Site Auditor app. This feature is important for the age where LSI keywords are significant for making your content topically relevant in the eyes of Google.

Another great point is that you can export the audit report as an HTML or PDF file. This will be very helpful while working with your clients.

Now, It time to look at the most important feature that this Seo PowerSuite Review will tell you. 

3. Search Safety Settings

If you’ve learned until this point, you may have seen that the SEO PowerSuite mainly crawls your site for auditing it, scours Google data for finding link prospects.

You may understand that repeatedly carrying out Google searches may lead to captchas and delays.

Therefore SEO PowerSuite comes with search safety settings. Here are the three options for you to search securely with SEO PowerSuite.

  1. Human Emulation – This enables you to delay the automatic queries and delays between browsing to and fro the SERP pages.
  2. User-Agents – This allows you to take the queries to Google from diversified user agents like a mobile, desktop, tablet, or any particular sites like Facebook and so on. You can set your user agents.
  3. CAPTCHA Settings – The main difficulty associated with repeated Googling is the captchas (those disturbing image recognition captchas meant for machine learning by Google). You can go for an anti-captcha service either from Death By Captcha or SEO PowerSuite itself. Both of them are paid services, but they do come at a dirt-cheap price.
  4. Proxy Rotation – If you have a proxy subscription or own a list of working proxies, you can insert those proxies on this settings page.

All-Pro and Enterprise Users have a way to an inbuilt SEO PowerSuite anti-block solution. You don’t need to buy private proxies or anti-captcha services. The system enables processing all search engine checks instead of running them from users’ computers and IP addresses. The Search Safety settings use only the Free version now.

Let’s move forward to the next section of this Seo PowerSuite Review,

4. Pricing of SEO PowerSuite

In this SEO Powersuite review you will get its pricing plan accurately. There are three plans that SEO PowerSuite offers. The free version offers a very limited feature, and you can’t keep the projects you are working on, which is a significant limitation.

Not only this, but the free version also imposes some restrictions on the data generated per report. On the other hand, the pro and enterprise licenses come with unlimited data, saving projects in the cloud, and scheduling SEO tasks like emailing, generating reports, etc.

The pro plan is adequate for most of the users. If you manage clients’ websites for SEO, then the enterprise license may be a fit for you.

All these premium plans have a one-off price. You’ll get all the future updates and feature additions for the rest of your life. 

SEO Powersuite is a freemium tool, and its paid versions cost you $299 for the premium version and $699 for the enterprise version. It’s all plans that have a Lifetime license, free feature updates. For the price, the features given by SEO PowerSuite are unbeatable.

Or, you can seek the pro and enterprise plans free trial for14-days!

5. FAQ

1. For which platforms are SEO Powersuite available?

SEO Powersuite is ready for Mac, Windows, and also Linux computers. It is an excellent cross-platform SEO software suite. In this SEO Powersuite review, you will get all the FAQs of SEO Powersuite.

2. What are Search Algo Updates is SEO Powersuite?

Search Algo Update is not a mandatory subscription with SEO Powersuite. It is an optional subscription, which keeps a check of the Google algorithm changes, and when updates happen, it makes the required changes to your software data to make it more up-to-date.

3. Which tools SEO Powersuite offers?

SEO Powersuite has apps like Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor, and LinkAssistant.

4. How does SEO Powersuite compare to Ahrefs?

SEO Powersuite and Ahrefs are two famous SEO tools. We know that Ahrefs owns more tools and data. But SEO Powersuite is significantly cheaper than Ahrefs and is a value for money.

Wrapping it up

You may have noticed that the SEO PowerSuite comes with plenty of creative features; with them, you can do SEO campaigns effectively. If you would not like to shell out hundreds of dollars in multiple SEO cloud tools, then SEO PowerSuite would be great for you.

For the one-time price, the features and apps that the SEO PowerSuite has got to offer, you are really outstanding.

It also provides you with a great reporting mechanism that perfectly goes with SEO and Digital Marketing agencies.

We hope that you guys liked our SEO PowerSuite review. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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