What is Email Marketing Automation | A Beginner Guide

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Email marketing automation is one of the advantageous tricks existing in the digital marketing arena. This trick aims to send the bulk of promotional, advertising, and triggered emails. Emails are a pivotal part of any business, and most specifically, e-commerce ventures, and also help in addressing all the essential information about the services and products to the users.

Email marketing mechanization deals with the production of triggered and optimum emails for the same purpose. It is a prudent part of the processing of emails as it helps the users to connect well with services. Automation of email advertising leads to the creation of beautiful and more productive emails. Thus, it is quite integral to incorporate it within the business mechanism. 

1. Segmentation of users to send personalized emails

Segmentation of users

There are various processes that are part of email automation. One of the most important is the segmentation of customers. Segmenting is essential to understand the multiple aspects of audiences. There are various ways by which you can segment your customers and attain more valuable users.

You can segment them as geographical, responsive, and behavioral characteristics. You can separate a list of contacts in the database by monitoring the geographic elements. You can distinguish your users based on city, country, and other related preferences. 

Demographics are also a vital element to categorize users. It relates to the data of users like age, gender, education, occupation, and other backgrounds. Psychographics is also a critical element that helps you to classify people based on attitude and personality.

Behavioral segmentation is the most adequate and prominent one. It categorizes people based on their orders, updates, discounts, tracking details, etc. The criteria for segmenting the customers are of enormous importance from a marketing perspective. It helps in generating more personalized emails.   

2. Web tracking 

Web tracking

When tracking is also a vital part of the process of automating emails, it associates research which prepares the database list. Web tracking is profoundly related to finding potential customers. It watches the web activity of the users and what domain they are searching for services. 

Tracking is a fundamental part of marketing. The analytics keeps on updating you with the information and details in regard to your marketing progress. These analytics and metrics measure the rates of your campaign. It helps you in getting useful insights in the form of reports. When you can monitor your growth, then the entire process becomes more result-yielding. 

Google Analytics is the most original form of analytics that all the eminent markets use. It helps you in executing the efficiency of your email transaction procedure. First, in this process, you have to set up a particular objective that you wish to achieve. Then, you have put in all the related URLs of your services. After that, the segmenting procedure takes place.

When you properly categorize your audience, then your analytics are all set to function for you. In the criteria of web tracking, you receive timely reports, backflow reports, and campaign reports. All these reports help you to manage your email marketing campaign effortlessly. 

3. Resort to A/B testing

Resort to A/B testing

A and B testing is also a significant part of email advertising automation. It is a critical element of the entire process as it helps in formulating the best email template. A/B testing is a precise process that includes two or more sets of emails.

It deals with producing and sending different types of emails to different sets of people. It is a necessary process as it helps in knowing which email template is better for getting maximum responses from people.

This strategy includes two models of emails. Both contain a different header, footer, font, color, content, and headline. One of them reaches a particular set of people, and the other one goes to the remaining people. The response, feedback, and engagement of people decide which one is better.

The most compatible one will get selected as the final one. For further usage in email marketing, the final one plays the part of the protagonist.

This strategy is undoubtedly a marvelous one. It helps the market understand the mindset of viewers, and the response helps in increasing the excellence of content, which leads to the betterment of overall marketing.  Email automation consists of an A/B procedure as one of its vital components.  

4. Using technical adaptations 

Using technical adaptations

Technical modifications are yet another indispensable part of Email marketing automation. The modern world is a place of technological advances. It is quite imperative to make your email transaction automation campaign a successful one. To make your content excel in the market arena, integrate prospects of PPC, Google Adwords, and CTR into the campaign.

These additions not only enrich the concept of your campaign but also greet you with a considerable profit margin. CTR is specifically more critical in the context of emails. They are click-through rates. More CTRs mean more insights, visitors, and conversion rates.   Thus, CTRs are highly essential to leverage the levels of email dealings. 

Top Email Marketing Automation Tools 

Email Marketing Automation Tools

1. PeppyBiz

PeppyBiz is one of the incredible email marketing automation tools. It will help you in gaining new customers through the generation of interactive emails. This application also allows you to retain your previous customers.

You can develop automated and finely customized emails to boost your email marketing criteria. Nurture your campaign and produce more leads with the assistance of PeppyBiz.

PeppyBiz will present you with incredible support in the form of marketing analytics. It will help you to prosper on broader scales of the market.

It also helps its users in the proper segmentation of the customers. Segmenting helps in producing more promising emails. Take your campaign to a significant venture with precise contact management. 

2. Hatchbuck

Hatchbuck is one of the highly essential email marketing automation tools. Hatchbuck will assist you in creating magnificent emails and newsletters. It is a renowned agency in these notches. This platform will help you to develop spectacular emails that are highly engaging.

User interface and user interaction are two accessible parameters that decide the success rates of your emails. Hatchbuck assists you in excelling in these parameters.

It will execute your emails in the best manner. CTRs or Clicks through rates are quite an essential parameter that elevates the criteria of marketing in the direction of emails. Hatchbuck helps you to be up with the best CTR rates. 

3. RafflePress

RafflePress is one of the most significant Marketing automation platforms.  For expanding business, it is essential to own rich and vast email contacts in the database. RafflePress is a marvelous platform as it helps users in collecting email contacts.

It will help you grow in the market by increasing the email list. It will add more productivity to your campaign. It will greet your campaign with more profit margins and achievements. Unturn every stone and accomplish a significant milestone in the email marketing venture. 

4. CakeMail

CakeMail is one of the most promising email marketing automation tools. One of the significant criteria for creating productive emails relates to the proper procedure of A and B testing. It helps the users in developing the best email template and aids them to produce an impeccable email design. A right email acquires the whole sole potential to attract the interest of the customers.

If the prospects of email quality are up to the market, then it will gain more insights. The primary service of CakeMail revolves around the positioning of the correct email style. They will support you to develop various email designs and the final implementation of the best one. CakeMail is one of the terrific marketing automation platforms. 

5. Infusionsoft 

 Infusionsoft is a great marketing tool. It acquires all the essential characteristics which can make your website prosper in the market arena. It aids you to develop functional CRM. Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of email advertising.

If there will be excellent relations between you and your customers, then the prospects of success will tremendously increase. It will provide you with visual email layout equipment and email templates. You can also organize contact administration, reports, and management with third-party platforms.

All these factors help you in setting up a desirable email blast.  In the arena of email transactions production of bulk emails takes place. They must be right in quality as they will be reaching all your potential customers. Infusionsoft provides a good API and helps you in connecting with your users in a more effortless way. 


It was a full description of email marketing tools and platforms. Marketing automation platforms are ways of integrating email marketing equipment appropriately. The marketing of any service and product is highly essential.

Email is a weapon in the advertising and marketing industry which aids you to attain prominence. Deem all the facets of email marketing and enhance your presence in the market field. Email marketing automation should be a potent event for your business. It will support you to formulate more conversion rates taking your campaign to a whole new level of success. 

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